[Penang] Clan Jetty

Last year September (just look at how long I procrastinated for this), my family and I went to Penang and one of the place I really liked was the clan jetty.

So some history of the Clan Jetties of Penang. Clan, literally means like a clan of people over here. So there are several jetties you could visit, like Lim jetty, Chew jetty, Tan jetty (which are all surnames of the chinese clan). The area that it sits on now used to be a wood yard littered with planks and firewood. Settlements grew over there after the construction of the Quay and eventually became identified and dominated by certain clans.

The Chew jetty is the most tourist-friendly with the most stilt houses, having the longest walkway and also a really pretty temple.

After hours of walking around the entire Penang, the tiredness was taking a toll on us and my mother thought we should just visit one and call it a day. It had been raining the entire day (strange because it wasn’t exactly monsoon season but the rain just came everyday) and the clouds in the skies were really pretty to look at as the sun sets.


The jetties are really easy to locate, situation right next to the Penang Ferry Terminal as well as the bus terminal, simply follow the direction down and you will be able to see signs leading to the different jetties.

Also, buses from the bus terminal has really a lot of buses and the frequencies are high, hop onto one to get back home or to your next destination!



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