Cheongju: Su-am-gol (수암골)


Suamgol, for an introduction, is like Cheongju’s Dongpirang, Busan’s Gamcheon village. It sits on the top of the hill, with lots of wall art for you to admire. But what attracts people to this place most is because there is a cafe here which used to be the filming site for The King of baking, Kim Takgu. Paired with an awesome view during the sunset as it sits on top of the hill, this place is worth coming!
I’m not writing this because news of Yoon Shi yoon is getting discharged from army in 7 days time, it just so happened. 😀

Warning: Picture heavy post!

This place wasn’t in my itinerary at all, neither was the baseball match that me and my friend caught the night a part of my plan before I  flew to Korea.

While I was in Busan, my roommate in the hostel happen to be from Cheongju and I was contemplating to catch a baseball game in Cheongju as I could only catch 1 the entire trip due to the rain. So after much consideration, and the fact that Cheongju isn’t far from Seoul, me and my friend took off one afternoon to Cheongju.


Funny incident: We were looking at a board that reflects the number of films that have been filmed at Suamgol before and discussing about it. And then the ahjusshi, an obvious i-stay-at-the-village looking guy, was smoking behind us got curious at what we are looking at saw the board and commented “Woah, I didn’t know they filmed that many shows here.” Heh, yes your neighbourhood is really famous!

Grab your cameras before coming here! I’m pretty sure out of so many pieces of wall art, you will find something you will like!


While walking around, we realised that a lot of the artwork here seems to be done by this artist by the initials RM. (not running man guys) And as we head on deeper into the village, we realised how deep thoughts his arts where, and some of them rather encouraging.


And as we turn around a corner, we started seeing little charcoals with encouraging messages, mostly done by RM, and we eventually came to whole group of them outside one of the hut, which turns out to be his working site.

Blue: Can you smile for me?
Brown: You look pretty when you smile.

Green: If your heart is pretty, you can become prettier than a flower.
Blue: I wish for you to be happy!

I know, that you are also a warm person!

Blue: It’s okay, everything will be alright!
Turquoise: I hope for you to become a warm person!

I wish to become a bird.

It’s okay, who doesn’t suffer?

Be happy no matter when!

All the best for today too!

You are also a special person!

Heart: I’m going to you. Come to me!
Brown: I hope everything will go well for the person who is waiting for something.

Chins up! You can do it!

2nd: I hope you have a cosy new year! Be happy!
3rd: Everything will be okay!

If you have misfortunes, you will also have good things.

It’s okay! Sping is coming!

Even if you are shattered and woke up from a delusion, it’s okay.
At least we are existing in this world.

1st: I’m weird compared to others
2nd: You’re not weird, you’re special!


After the entire walk through the village, especially the charcoal village, I felt good! The warm summer scent and the sunset, it’s a place you all should go at least once!


To get there: From Seoul Gangnam bus terminal, take a bus to Cheongju (1hr 30mins). From Cheongju bus terminal, take a cab to Su-am-gol (10mins).


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