Cheongju: Su-am-gol (수암골)


Suamgol, for an introduction, is like Cheongju’s Dongpirang, Busan’s Gamcheon village. It sits on the top of the hill, with lots of wall art for you to admire. But what attracts people to this place most is because there is a cafe here which used to be the filming site for The King of baking, Kim Takgu. Paired with an awesome view during the sunset as it sits on top of the hill, this place is worth coming!
I’m not writing this because news of Yoon Shi yoon is getting discharged from army in 7 days time, it just so happened. 😀

Warning: Picture heavy post!

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Happy New Year to all of you!

I need to make it up for you readers real soon. I’ve not been super busy but meh, I couldn’t even do any post during the holidays because I have been playing too much. T^T

And, I’m flying off again tomorrow – To Korea.

I really hope I will be back to do more post! There’s so many things to talk about!!