Busan: Igidae Coastal Walk

Igidae Coastal Walk is one of the lesser known tourist sites in Busan. I came to know about this place while searching through Korean travel blogs and was determined to hike this place after looking at all the pictures.

The park, Igidae (二妓台), was name after 2 gisaengs (courtesan) who were requested to serve the Japanese who were throwing a party at this area. The two gisaengs took the drunken General and jumped into the sea together, as a reprisal of the Japanese invading their homeland.

There are two ways to the trail, one from side of Gwangan Bridge, and the other from Oryukdo Skywalk. I started from Oryukdo Skywalk as I thought it was easier to find the trail. (Directions at the end of the post)

I started off with doing the Oryukdo Skywalk. We had to wear some special cover over our shoes in order to walk over the glass bottom bridge. I swear I didn’t thought it looked scary at all, but when I stepped on the bridge and looked down… I thought I was going to fall through those glass anytime. & those waves crushing onto the cliffs at the bottom isn’t helping.


The weather was really bad that day, it was sunny but there was a really thick mist that was hovering over the waters and you couldn’t see anything too far away. Should the weather be clear, Gwangan bridge and the coast could be clearly seen from the Skywalk, its a pity what I saw was just a white piece of cloud mist…



I started off by climbing the stairs up to higher grounds, where the trail starts. Note that proper outfit is not compulsory but definitely encouraged, even sneakers would work as it is a rather easy trail to do.

I was really disappointed by the view I was getting because I saw so many blogs online raving about this area and the view, but all I could see was…


Nonetheless, it was still a great walk! After staying lazy for a few days in Busan, a walk like this could wake my body up. Coast being coast, it is windy here, so it kind of take away some heat.

The trail started really quiet but I was not a single bit worried about walking the wrong way. Directions are everywhere and even if they are not, just follow the coast. It is after all, a coastal walk.


It was a little hard to get out of the place after I ended the trail. I had to walk to Kyungsung Univ/ Pukyong National Uni Station, for the nearest train station. Passed by Macdonalds and a huge supermartket along the way, settling down for lunch there.

Kyungsung Univ/ Pukyung National Uni, being school areas, has tonnes of cafes, popular eateries around, with shopping place, and and and a hugeeeee Artbox!

I was dying my from the heat so all I could do was to pop into the stores and walk around and eventually popping into Artbox, worse idea ever! I always end up coming out of Artbox with holes in the pockets.

To get there:
Take bus #27 from the bus stop outside Busan Train Station (PS: While facing the train station main entrance, the one with the big Busan word and escalators, turn left and walk, cross the small little road and you will find the bus stop). Alight at Oryukdo SK View Back gate.


4 thoughts on “Busan: Igidae Coastal Walk

    • Hello!

      Yes I finished the entire walk. Took me about 2 hours but it is a generally easy walk for me. A little bit of perspiring here and there but in general, doesn’t really require a lot of strength.

      Hope this helps!

      • yes they do! seen the benches about 2 to 3 times the entire hike. The only thing I would say is to bring sufficient of water, because only the starting point has a cafe and the vending machine at the ending point didn’t work when I went.

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