Laziness taking over me

I know I haven’t been blogging a lot recently. I actually have A LOT to talk about.

I’m not done with my Korea trip, and I have my Cameron Highlands and Penang waiting. AND my upcoming Hong Kong trip too. (and actually I just kinda realised that I didn’t finish talking about my Taiwan trip too LOL)

I better get all these done soon, but in the meanwhile, please bear with me!

Those heading to Korea, pack warm!! It’s going to be real cold there!

D-3 to Hong Kong!


Andong: Mask Museum & Hahoe Village

I took a day out of Busan to head to Andong and kicked another place off my bucket’s list! It was one of those sunny and hot days, unlike the gloomy rainy days.

Andong’s Hahoe Village gets its name from Nakdong River, which¬†goes around the village.The ‘Ha’ is short for river and ‘hae’ means to ‘turn around, return, come back”, and the village sits right at the bend of the river. I was told by the guide there that the lower parts of the village gets flooded often during rainy season because the river overflows, but the situation is getting now.

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