Busan: Cheonsapo & Haeundae railway tracks

I set off this morning hoping to do Dalmaji Road because I have heard so much and seen so many pictures on it. But well, I got lost as usual and ended up being at Cheongsapo, which isn’t bad in my opinion.

Cheongsapo, a place that not even all locals know, is know for their grilled shellfish restaurants (조개구이). The whole stretch of restaurants there sells grilled shellfish and eel and pretty much that.


They even put up a map to tell you where the restaurants are located. There were a few that looks really nice but unfortunately don’t serve 1 portion serving. So I had no choice but to settle for the one that sells 1 portion serving. I’m pretty what I ate wasn’t the best around, but it makes me want to go back there and try the nicer ones!

Here’s the one that I went to eat. The ahjummah was really nice, she asked if I wanted to grill them myself or she help me take them all out and put in a pan, and I chose the latter one. PS: the appetiser is damn nice

cheonsapo-11 cheonsapo-12

I walked around the port (like how I always love ports), and wondered if this is like some popular dating place. Lots of couples around, young and old, and amused that I’m there alone.

cheonsapo cheonsapo-2 cheonsapo-4 cheonsapo-5

The port is really pretty. It was a gloomy day, and the clouds slowly rolled in, but it started to pour hours later (when I was at the stadium) but I would love to wake up to such views anytime.

Went on to walk the tracks, which led me to Songjeong beach. I thought I came to Haeundae only to realised I was at Songjeong when I couldn’t find my way out. The sky was seriously threatening when I reached the beach but it didn’t deter the folks from continuing their beach activities.

cheonsapo-7 cheonsapo-8

It’s interesting how the umbrellas were placed, and then beneath the umbrellas, flyers for food delivery were messily thrown. Floats were also available for those who wishes to head into the waters, and food stalls were everywhere! If only Singapore beaches would have things like food delivery and food stalls conveniently located, we would save a lot of trouble packing food to the beach, because honestly, what is beach without food?

The tracks that led to Songjeong beach was an abandoned track. The coastal view wasn’t stunning at that time simply because the weather wasn’t the best. But this place makes an awesome photography site.

cheonsapo gopro1


To get there: Get off at Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2) and take city bus No. 100, get off at Yeongnam Apartment bus stop. Walk for about 10-15 min, following the signs.
Note: Bus would not announce the station as Yeongnam Apartment, but a elementary school’s name. Keep a lookout for that!


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