Busan: Sajik Stadium and Lotte Giants



If you guys have been following me closely, you would know that I am a avid Lotte Giants fan and would not fail to catch a game while I’m in Korea. This time is not an exception too! I spent the morning shopping around Nampo-dong before heading down to the stadium in the afternoon to catch the players.

FYI: Fangirl post, proceed with caution. && picture heavy post.

Tips: For fans who would like to catch the players for some signatures, catch them while they are heading for work. For games starting at 1830hrs, the players reporting time is usually 1400hrs but you will see players streaming in as early as 1200hrs.

I reached at about 1300hrs and already missed some players. Most players are really nice and would stop for signatures and pictures when possible. Would definitely recommend weekdays to weekends if you are planning to get some signatures and fan service because the stadium tend to be crowded on weekends and thus, stopping the players for signatures or pictures would be near impossible, unless you look super cute or have a kid that looks super cute. The players have securities escorting them and they look super intimidating, but head for the players, not the securities. XD

IMG_5708 IMG_5727 IMG_5793 IMG_5800

Somewhere opposite the stadium, there is an E-mart, but I can’t seem to find it. So I took my own sweet time to walk and and look for lunch, popped into a chinese restaurant and since it was summer, they had a special dish called cold Jjamppong. Jjamppong is a spicy seafood soup noodles and Koreans usually order Jjamppong and Jajangmyeon (noodles with black sauce) together simply because they can’t choose which to go for. The one I ordered was cold, and it was crazily spicy, simply because cold and spiciness just don’t go. But it is surprisingly super good!



As a Lotte Giants fan, another place worth loitering around would be the Angel-in-us cafe at the stadium. Players usually would be there to get coffee after their warm ups and its a good chance to catch them if you didn’t earlier.

sajik-3 sajik-4With the pitchers who came out for coffee

As a foreigner, buying tickets online is near impossible! I had a worker in the guesthouse (surprisingly a fan as well) to help me get the ticket for Exciting Zone for me under my name. Ticket counters are usually opened 2 hours before the game but they had the counters only opened at 1700hrs that day. sajik-5sajik-7

The cheerleaders stages are usually the most popular seats, and gets sold out real fast. You get to sing, dance and cheer there throughout the game and it is exciting especially when the camera finds you for some dance moves or kisses. Winners usually get some prizes like electronics or a night’s stay at some hotel under the Lotte chain.

sajik-8 sajik-9 The cheering stage at the back, compared to the rest of the seats.

The exciting zone, on the other hand, is another exciting area. You get to be really close to the players and the seats are on ground level (which means sometimes you can’t see the ball very well). There are nets around but chances of a foul fly ball flying into that area is usually high. You could rent a helmet and glove at Sajik stadium for protection. Here’s how close the Exciting zone is to the field.

sajik-19 sajik-20 sajik-21

IMG_6022 IMG_6064 IMG_6123 IMG_6230 IMG_6261 IMG_6285 IMG_6407 IMG_6467

When it is about 7th inning, the team song would come on and the fans would dance and sing together to it. That night, it was the 9th bottom inning and we happened to be trailing behind Doosan Bears. However, some runs came in and everyone was staying to see the game turn around. I was about to leave when I thought I should climb all the way up for some pictures. It just looks really impressive.

sajik-10 sajik-11



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