Busan: Jagalchi Market & Port

I know I have done a post on this previously, but because I had some more pictures to share, so here goes!

The market itself is really impressive. I have no idea if it is because over the years, the number of tourists has increased so much, but the shop owners here spurts out english or chinese (depending on how you look) to greet you and get you to buy something. butigetthemspeakingsatooritome 뭐 드리게에이?


Ask me to name 10 creatures I saw in the market, I would fail badly. You have strange looking snail clams, huge abalones, fishes, octopus and so many more! From the chart above taken from one of the shop, you can see that they go by weight, and I honestly think it is cheap considering its freshness.

Right behind the market, you get to see the port! Fishing boats standing side by side, with fishermen arranging their nets for the next catch. Opposite all these you have the ships waiting for repair, and the colourful Gamcheon Culture village at the other side.


The market is so huge they have so many parts of it. They have the dried parts which you would probably come by first while walking in, then the huge house where they have all the fresh goods on the first level and restaurants on the second, then they have the flea area, where you see elderlies sitting down selling their catch, all cut up for you to bring home, and then another huge are for the dried seafood. It is crazy!


It is a pity that even in Singapore, places like these are slowly going away. Supermarkets spells freshness but the fact is the food they sell are anything but fresh. My mother still loves going to the wet market to get meat and seafood. It’s hard to see live seafood in a market this huge, so Jagalchi is really a gem, and needs to keep going!


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