Jeju: Jeongbang Waterfalls and Chilsib-ri (七十里) Food street

I woke up with determination to visit Jeongbang Waterfalls and also trek on the Olle route 6 before I board the plane to Busan in the evening.

Since the location of the waterfall is very near my guesthouse, I took a cab there, costing me only the starting fare. -.- So much for cabbing.

The sun was coming out a little, scorching on my skin, but the humid and dark clouds weren’t exactly going away. The wind wasn’t gentle either, so when I headed down to the waterfalls, I could feel droplets of water falling on me as I got closer to the waterfalls.



The waves were going crazy, as if in a rush to meet their lovers on the coast, fiercely slamming in. Those who have been to Jeongbang waterfall before would know the difficulty of climbing on the boulders before getting to a perfect place for a shot of the waterfalls. It wasn’t raining that day, the boulders were dry, but the fear of slipping, and almost slipping just hindered me. (I stood on a boulder for a good 5 mins just because I have no idea how to continue climbing down).

jeongbang-3 jeongbang-4 jeongbang-7

The water at Jeongbang waterfall falls right into the ocean, and the place where fresh and sea water meet is really interesting. Fresh, clear water mixing into the salty sea water, Mother Nature sure knows how to wow us.

I had tons of time after visiting the waterfalls, so I walked along the main road in search for food and I was glad I did that. Just right outside the waterfall was a stretch of restaurants and cafes.


The weather wasn’t exactly the best for sightseeing honestly. Jeju wasn’t doing me a favour, or probably just wanted me to see another side of her. The sun was no joke though, I mentioned that I wanted to do Olle route 6, but I got lazy, ate lunch and sat inside a cafe reading a book for 2 hours. XD


It was a cafe with 2 storeys, windows and seats facing the coast, and a book shelf full of books in both Korean and English. I’ve never felt so slow in my travels before but I guess I would do that more often. The feeling of the wind blowing in your face, sipping a cup of tea and reading a book would probably be the best way to enjoy an afternoon, no matter where.

jeongbang-9 jeongbang-8



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