Jeju: East coast of Jeju

Second morning in Jeju and the weather continues torturing me with the gloomy and rainy weather. I headed to Seogwipo bus interchange without realizing that the bus I took to the interchange goes back to where my guesthouse is. I’m pretty sure the bus drivers were staring at why I took the bus back and forth. Well at least it wasn’t a wasted trip to the interchange! I went into the convenience mart and bought a poncho just because it was going to be another wet day.

My first stop was Seongsan beach (yes another filming site for drama Warm and Cozy). The Seongsan Sunrise Peak stood, mysteriously behind the fog that was rolling into the coast. I suppose the tides were changing and the grounds that we stood on to snap pictures soon got covered with the incoming waves.

PS: Pictures heavy post!

jeju seongsan-2
jeju seongsan-3
jeju seongsan-6
jeju seongsan-34
jeju seongsan-35

I was really slippery there and I slipped a few times there. Others slipped and landed their foot in the water. But Seongsan Sunrise Peak looks gorgeous even in such weather! Now that I have been here rain and shine, in Spring, Summer, and Winter, I can say that this place is pretty all year round!

On this beach, they have horse riding too! But it’s too touristy so I just gave it a missed.

I got picked up by my friend and went for Gobchang stew because I was craving for Gobchang and that was the nearest he could find which sells Gobchang. The meal was soooo statisfying! After facing the rain and wind, a warm stew was all we need.

jeju seongsan-7

Had a drive after lunch to Haenyeo Museum and both sides of the road were filled with hydrangea flowers of many colours. So he stopped and plucked a bunch for me. Kyahhhh~ those sells really expensively at the florist though. He mentioned that those flowers will only be here during summer! It’s really everywhere on Jeju, keep a lookout for them when you are in Jeju during summer!

jeju seongsan-8
jeju seongsan-10
jeju seongsan-11
jeju seongsan-12

After chasing the wind yesterday, I spotted another windmill farm which I ended up being there coincidentally at the end of the day. More later!

jeju seongsan-20

Haenyeo Museum was a simple place telling us about the traditions of the Jeju female divers, dating many years back and how some things have changed yet some stayed the same through all these years.

jeju seongsan-13
jeju seongsan-14
jeju seongsan-15
jeju seongsan-16
Dumping rice cakes in, praying to the sea for safety and protection for the year
jeju seongsan-17
jeju seongsan-18
jeju seongsan-19
The view from the observatory
jeju seongsan-21

Don’t be in a hurry to leave after visiting the museum. If you walk in the opposite direction of where the bus is, you will come to Sehwa coastal road, where they have cute furnitures on the coast for you to take pictures with, as well as plenty of cafes for you to choose from! (You gotta really love the combination of beaches and cafes here in Korea, they match so well!)

jeju seongsan-22
jeju seongsan-23
jeju seongsan-24
jeju seongsan-25

To be honest, my pictures don’t look very convincing because of the grey skies, but I went to search some pictures of the coast during sunny days and I almost bought another ticket back to Jeju. Don’t miss this coast! I’m serious!

After that, I took a taxi to Bijarim Forest where I went for a healing hike, inhale unlimited amount of fresh oxygen in the midst of all the nutmeg trees. Muddy tracks alert! Not like I am not used to it after getting caught in the rain since yesterday. My shoes were taking such a long time to dry.

jeju seongsan-39jeju seongsan-26
jeju seongsan-27
jeju seongsan-30
jeju seongsan-32
jeju seongsan-33
jeju seongsan-40

This is the largest nutmeg tree forest in the world. In the middle of the forest is an 800-year-old, called ‘Ancestor tree of the Bija trees’. The tree is the oldest tree on Jeju-do Island with height of 25 meters and girth of whopping 6 meters.

jeju seongsan-31

The evergreen trees emit a lot of Phytoncide, which is said to strengthen immune system and natural healing ability of human body. (Cr: KTO Website)

20150708_160947To get to Jeju Interchange, follow the timings in the red box.

The trip out was slightly more confusing, we had to take the bus of the direction towards Mangang Cave and the service ends just right after Kimnyeong Seongseri beach, which stood beside the windmill farm I spotted on Sehwa coastal road.

The sky was starting to come out and the weather was turning for the better (but only when the sun was setting, seriously?). Perhaps I was too overjoyed the weather turned for the better, but the sand here is so white it looks like they were shimmering. & since it’s the coast, the sea cockroaches continue to haunt!

jeju seongsan-45
jeju seongsan-47

I was looking for some photo opportunity by the edge of the breakwaters but gave that thought up once I saw them crawling around.

jeju seongsan-41
jeju seongsari
jeju seongsan-43
jeju seongsan-42
jeju seongsan-44
jeju seongsan-46
jeju seongsan-49
jeju seongsari-2
jeju seongsari-4
jeju seongsan-50
jeju seongsan-51
jeju seongsan-52
jeju seongsari-5
jeju seongsari-6
GOPR1537jeju seongsari-7

& finally (this is such a long post!), I headed back to jeju interchange. But I thought I spent so much time travelling!

Seogwipo Interchange to Seongsan: 1 Hour
Seongsan to Haenyeo Museum by car: 15 mins
Haenyeo Museum to Bijarim by car: 10 mins
Bijarim to Seongseri Beach: 1 Hour
Seongseri Beach to Jeju Interchange: 1 Hour

And you thought these was just the east coast! Jeju is big, take your time to explore it! Next time if I were to come back to Jeju, kayak and scuba diving are on my top list!

Now, tell me what are your top list when you visit Jeju?


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