Jeju: Aewol Coast & Jeju 5 day market

After hours of chasing the wind, and being chased by the rain, I left the windmill farm and headed to the Aewol coast. Particularly famous among the locals and tourist due to the pretty coast line they have.

Adding to the rain (the sky doesn’t seems to want to spare me from getting wet), I missed my stops by 2 stops or so, so I decided that I should fill my tummy with some hot soup before heading to find my way to the coast. Stopped by some random shop and had Spicy soup. Not the best but the fish sure is fresh! I’m in Jeju for a reason!

jeju seongsan-53

After that, I walked backwards till I came across a really café with really colourful wall. Bomnal café is originally already very famous among tourist who visits Jeju Island but the drama Warm and Cozy probably brought more fame to this café.

The amount of people there is no joke and we even need to get a queue number and wait for our turn to get into the café. It was a crazy wait, it looks a little like I had to wait for 1 hour or more. The café really has very nice interior looking at the picture tags on Instagram. Maybe if I had someone with me to kill time, I would wait.

jeju aewol
jeju aewol-9
jeju aewol-6jeju aewol-2
jeju aewol-7

Nonetheless, this place sure is pretty! The café is painted in bright colours, and stood out from the blue waters (and grey skies).

They have a kayak rental shop just next to the café but it was closed for operations because isn’t ideal for kayaking. Despite the horrendous weather, we could see that the water is really clear!

jeju aewol-11
jeju aewol-4
jeju aewol-5
jeju aewol-3

One thing I like about the coasts here would be the amount of displays you could take picture with. Riding on the picturesque background, grab a romantic couple picture, or even an emotional solo shot (like I did).

jeju o-il-4

Then, continued on the journey and dropped outside Jeju’s 5 day traditional market. This market only opens 5 days a month and It so happened that it’s opened when I was there. I missed it the other time, definitely not going to miss it this time round!

jeju o-il-5

I was fascinated by this place seriously! They have everything!! From plants, to pets, house decorations, food, fish market, clothing, even restaurants!

The whole place was bustling with activities. I also realized that there are farmers selling their produce here, which I find it really nice. So you get an ahjummah selling her potatoes, or cabbage or peanuts, whatever they plant (Lots of them with soil still on XD).

jeju o-il-6
jeju o-il-7
jeju o-il-2
jeju o-il-3
jeju o-il

For me as an Asian, I don’t find this new because back at home, we have markets that are pretty much like this too, but I find the place really cozy.

The market is opened on the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, 27th of every month. If you happen to be in Jeju during then, be sure to check it out! Bus #701 (west bound bus) would be able to take you right outside the market. It doesn’t take long to bring you back to the terminal as well.

To get there:
Aewol Coast – Take #702 and drop at Aewol Coast and walk 5 mins in
Jeju 5 day market – Take #702 and drop right outside the market


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