Busan: Jagalchi Market & Port

I know I have done a post on this previously, but because I had some more pictures to share, so here goes!

The market itself is really impressive. I have no idea if it is because over the years, the number of tourists has increased so much, but the shop owners here spurts out english or chinese (depending on how you look) to greet you and get you to buy something. butigetthemspeakingsatooritome 뭐 드리게에이?

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Jeju: Jeongbang Waterfalls and Chilsib-ri (七十里) Food street

I woke up with determination to visit Jeongbang Waterfalls and also trek on the Olle route 6 before I board the plane to Busan in the evening.

Since the location of the waterfall is very near my guesthouse, I took a cab there, costing me only the starting fare. -.- So much for cabbing.

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Jeju: East coast of Jeju

Second morning in Jeju and the weather continues torturing me with the gloomy and rainy weather. I headed to Seogwipo bus interchange without realizing that the bus I took to the interchange goes back to where my guesthouse is. I’m pretty sure the bus drivers were staring at why I took the bus back and forth. Well at least it wasn’t a wasted trip to the interchange! I went into the convenience mart and bought a poncho just because it was going to be another wet day.

My first stop was Seongsan beach (yes another filming site for drama Warm and Cozy). The Seongsan Sunrise Peak stood, mysteriously behind the fog that was rolling into the coast. I suppose the tides were changing and the grounds that we stood on to snap pictures soon got covered with the incoming waves.

PS: Pictures heavy post!

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