Jeju: Sinchang Windmill Coastal Road (신창 풍차해안)

This is a windmill farm that sits on the coast of Sinchang in Jeju. I got to know about this place because the lighthouse here was featured in drama Warm and Cozy. The entire place came out really nice on the drama and I thought I should really check out this place. And also because I am a fan of windmills.

I guess I could safely say the whole Jeju trip was a little like checking out the filming sites for drama Warm and Cozy (Jeju Gatsby). That morning I woke up and felt really sad because I could hear the raindrops pitter pattering on windows. Out of all my days in Jeju, only the day when I’m supposed to leave, the sun came out. T^T what luck.

But it being a coastal road, it is beautiful! Despite the weather being really bad… But I guess it kind of adds mystery to the place?


Since I do not have a wet weather plan, and because I really wanted to head there. I got up, took a bus from Seogwipo Bus Terminal and headed East!


It takes about 10 mins walk from the bus stop to the Coastal walk, along the way in, they have a centre which you could do Scuba diving. The facilities looks real cool, just wonder what rates are they charging (I know because I went in to use their toilet XD).

They have a hut where the Haenyeo (Jeju female divers) rest, and because the weather wasn’t exactly good, you see them getting off work in their 4WD.


I was at a Windmill farm and it is a Windmill farm for a reason. It is so windy and it was rainy, I gave up hanging onto my umbrella. In the end, I was almost all wet because my jacket could only resist water up to a certain extend…


Thankfully, at the end of the walk, a cafe stood and I went into get myself some warm drink dry off while waiting for the weather to turn for the better.


The walk out was even more interesting than the walk in. I discovered that that area actually has really a lot of things to look at and the coastal road was one of it. If not for the weather, I guess I would make sure I explore a few more.


One thing I realised when I was walking the coastal walk is the amount of sea cockroaches everywhereeee! I freaked out so bad and they make my hair stand. Thank goodness all they do is run away from people. Just the thought of them now makes me shiver.

While walking out, I found some huts around by the coast and went to check out what they were. Apparently, it is an outdoor bath and they are separated into male and female huts. The waters are said to be cold even at the peak of summer. I wasn’t sure if it really is the case but when I tried it, it sure is cold!


I’m a huge fan of windmills big or small, so the pictures in this post isn’t just ending yet…


If you are a fan like me, here’s how to get there: Take bus #701 from Jeju/ Seogwipo Bus Interchange, and alight at Guhangyeong Hospital (구한경의원).


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