Gyeongju: Shilla Millenium Park

Shilla Millenium Park is a themepark that showcases the history and culture during the Shilla period. They have different houses explaining the class rankings of the citizens, and have performances to show the various culture of the period.

I guess I went during a low season, or maybe too late, the park was pretty empty. Empty park FTW!


I reached like 30mins before 4pm at the park, and was contemplating if I should head in. Simply because tickets after 4pm will be half price. But I was glad I paid the full price, managed to walk around the entire place, and watched the Hwarang performance which starts at 4pm. They also have a performance at the main stage but I missed it by a little. ):

I would say the Hwarang performance was kind of boring at the start, but definitely not the case when the horse stunts starting coming out. It’s cray how the performance looks just like one that just came up from the TV.


I love how they have the filming set for Queen Seondeok  and King’s Dream here. Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t know of this place if not for the drama Queen Seondeok.


They have a little culture area which allows kids to try do their own hwarang headwear, painting, and some other things related to the Shilla Dynasty.

This park also showcase and explained the different rank of the people living during that period, if the lamps weren’t around, I would have thought I went back in time.


Since the Shilla Dynasty was pretty influenced by the Chinese, you vould see that the palace has more of the Chinese style as oppose to the Korean palace you see in Seoul.

To get there: From Gyeongju Terminal or Bus Terminal, take bus 10 and drop at the Expo.


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