Countdown to 4 days later!~


Busan Galmatgil Trail
Cr: Naver Blog

So its 4 more days to my trip to Korea (once again!) even in the midst of all the MERS thing. Tbh I’m over all the freaking out for MERS, especially since it has gone down after more than 1 month of trying to curb that virus. Yes, I’m going, despite what others are saying, and looking forward to a rather empty streets in Korea.

I’m so sorry I have been updating a lot because I have been really lazy and tired these few weeks/ months. But I promise new and interesting posts are coming up real soon!

I went to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia over the long weekends in the end of May and did some crazy stuffs. Will be sure to blog about it when I am back!

& of course for my upcoming trip! New places ftw!! Just in case you guys are curious, I am heading to Gyeongju, Jeju, Busan, Andong, Seoul and Buyeo.

Gyeongju, Andong and Buyeo are totally new to me and I’m extremely excited about it! But that being said, I’m heading to places I have not been to in Jeju Busan and Seoul as well! To mention a few, Aewol coast and Scuba Diving in Jeju, Galmatgil trail in Busan, and lastly, Konkuk Uni area and Olympics Park in Seoul.

Keep an eye on this space and my instagram @leonger for the latest update!


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