Koh Samui Banyan Tree!


Sun, sea and sand!

To be honest, I was really lazy with this post. After more than 1 month from my trip, I’m finally writing this.

Banyan Tree sure lives up to its name! The resort at Koh Samui was a perfect getaway for the long weekends. We flew off on the afternoon from Singapore and landed in Koh Samui in the evening on Bangkok Airways. When we arrived at the resort, our room was already beautifully decorated (had requested earlier for a birthday cake to celebrate my mother’s birthday) and aircon nicely on to the right temperature for us.


While at a resort, the best thing you should do is to catch either the sunrise or sunset. While our resort position didn’t allow us to catch any sunset, the sunrise was good enough. Too bad my camera was really lousy when it comes to capturing the sunrise. But here’s how our villa looks like during the sunrise.


Every villa in this resort has a private pool, the difference would be the view your room gets. Ours was a pool villa, without a sea view. But because our room was situated quite high up on the hill, we could still see the sea from the other side, even the trees looks good to me. & so dipping in the pool anytime of the day is a must!


That morning, we headed out to the restaurant for breakfast, before heading out. The weather was terrible, it was so warm the moment you step out of the room, you start perspiring. Thank goodness all we had to do was to ring the desk and call for a buggy to pick us up. The walk down would probably kill me.

View at the breakfast area!

Activities like snorkel, kayaking and so on are all complimentary. I really wanted to do some activities but the sun isn’t very kind. So we decided that we should come back in the evening to enjoy the beach instead of burning ourselves with the noon sun.

We headed off to central square where we did some shopping but it is still too hot to want to do anything. The air condition were totally almost not helping. That night, while the rest of the world was setting their eyes on Mayweather vs Pacquiao, the thais and tourists here were flocking to the field outside Central Festival for some Muay Thai action! I heard from our driver it’s a really big event here.

After our shopping, we finally managed to head down to the beach to enjoy the tranquility of the private beach. The weather was plain humid, without wind. Even the waves weren’t coming in.


It’s a really short stay here, even the staff said so, but I guess we really enjoyed the resort (minus the cruel weather).

What I was really impressed was the service that experienced here. Like how the staffs remembers you by name, and everything they do here shows that Banyan Tree puts their clients first.

& thanks to a lucky draw, I had the chance to step onto Koh Samui (air tickets from here are really expensive) and Banyan Tree. So thank you Zumata!

I promise to be back! The rest of the beaches looks really cool to hang out at too!


Beautiful holiday thanks to Banyan Tree Samui!


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