Compilations of Bus terminals’ websites in Korea

10314_10152272610410898_1494131508_n After trying very hard to remember all the websites which I could use whenever I plan for my trip, I’ve decided that I should just do a blog post, for the sake of my memory, as well as to help you guys plan your trips…  So here’s a compilations of the websites to search for buses in Korea. Like mentioned my other tutorials, the websites are in Korean and would need at least basic reading skills to navigate around. I have done a few tutorials here and you can check them out. One day, I might just do a tutorial for everyone of them. For now, i’m not that insane.

Kobus Usquare (For Jeolla area)
Easy Tickets
Jeonguk Bus

Busan Nopo Bus Terminal
Busan Sasang Bus Terminal
Dong Seoul Bus Terminal
Seoul Express Bus Terminal (고속버스터미널)
Seoul Sangbong Bus Terminal
Andong Bus Terminal
Jeju Bus System


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