Contiki ‘Sweet as’ South – Day IX


Today marks the last day of my Contiki tour! It’s so sad how we all know that we are heading back to reality in just a few days time. While some will continue to head to the North Island, many of us will end in Christchurch instead. We started off the day by heading to Arthur’s pass. While having breakfast, many of my tour mates were discussing about the earthquake that happened that morning. I was pretty sure I was half awake on my bed but I couldn’t feel anything. According to the geography teacher on my tour, she said Franz Josef sits on 2 plates, so earthquakes around this area isn’t uncommon. So while driving into Arthur’s pass, we could see the effect of the earthquake. It wasn’t a big one but apparently triggered some land slides, so there were some road blocks along the way.

ix2-logo ix3-logo

We settled in a small cafe in Arthur’s Pass to have our lunch before heading back to Christchurch. Caught a train passing by and was so intrigued by it because after so many days of seeing train tracks all around, we finally saw a train.

Even on the last day of the tour, I just couldn’t take it all the sceneries. My pictures got lesser, but damn, those sceneries made sure I whip out my camera at least once to capture them all.

ix5-logo ix6-logo

Afterwards we headed into Hokitika, where we were able to purchase New Zealand’s very own jade, Pounamu.

It is said that you cannot buy a Pounamu for yourself. You would need to get it for someone (friends, family, spouse whatever). & when you do that, you should wear it for 1 week before giving it to the person. It is said that the jade will absorb your elements from your body and when you give the Pounamu to the person, it symbolises giving a part of you away. 

I wasn’t into jade, so I headed downwards where I got some ice cream, while some of my tour mates ran to the coast to catch some pictures.

On the way back to Christchurch, we drove past Castle Hill and our tour manager decided that we are such good tour members so she threw in a visit to Castle Hill! This place was the battle field for Narnia. It looks as magical as in the movie!

ix7-logo ix8-logo ix9-logo ix10-logo ix11-logo FOR NARNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ix12-logo ix13-logo ix16-logo

I guess I freaked most of my tour mates out while sitting on the edge, but look what I’ve got!

ix18 ix14-logo ix15-logo

Was a travel day today, but lots of stops in between! Took a toilet stop in Springfield before reaching Christchurch. Anyone find the doughnut very familiar? XD

ix22 ix23 We had a farewell dinner in Christchurch before everyone parts their way the next morning. Special shoutout to Tour Manager, Kellie, and Driver, Hamish! They were awesome! Always helping one another, always making sure we are doing alright! You guys are the best!

ix20 ix21
Probably half the group here, while the other half was busy hugging each other goodbye outside.

After today, we all go on our separate ways, some headed north, some stayed behind in the south for a while longer, while some head back home. I must say that this trip was indeed living out Contiki’s #noregrets. Did things I never thought I would dare to do, met a bunch of awesome people! & of course, New Zealand, you were so awesome. I promise I will be back!

Check out this awesome tour over here!
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored trip! Everything was my own expenses.

Next up!! Catch my last few days in New Zealand’s Lake Tekapo! Coming up very soon!

PS: Lightroom was being a b*tch while I was trying to edit my pictures. It’s still a few more days to renewal but it refuses to let me renew manually, and locked my developer tools. So some of my pictures came out somehow crappy. I’m sorry!


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