Contiki ‘Sweet as’ South – Day VII

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After 4 nights in Queenstown, we finally are leaving this place. Most of us left this city feeling better, had our stuffs on our bucket list ticked!

On the way out of Queenstown, some of my tour mates were going to do their final activity, the Kawarau Bridge Bungy. An amazing wake up activity indeed. While those who were signed up for it prepare for their jump, the rest of us stood by the side to witness what their courage do to them… & that was when I felt an urge to want to the jump, before I regret it when I head back home.

So I poped into an empty slot (luckily!) and was the last one to take my jump. Had my tour mate who was right before me freaking out, while I sat there getting my legs tied to the ropes and all and then asking myself what have I gotten myself into…

I swear Bungy is way more scarier than Skydiving, but would still do both activities in a heartbeat given anytime! I stepped onto the platform, gave the cameras my widest smile, before frowning at what was in front of me, a fast flowing river and a small yellow boat waiting for me to jump down. & the guy said 3, 2, 1 and off I went!

I guess the cliff jumping the day before made me slightly braver than I was. I jumped off without hesitation, and then ask why didn’t I stayed longer so as to make purchasing a video clip worth it. Got some pictures of my jump and here’s also a video which my tour mate took for me (and another calling me crazy in the background).

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 10.04.04 pm
Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 10.04.21 pm
Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 10.05.09 pm
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& afterwards, we went to the Puzzling world, and got ourselves running around this silly maze which we couldn’t figure out. Aim of it was to get to the top of each tower at the corner and get out of the maze through an exit.

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I finished all the tower but didn’t manage to find the exit, so ended my a-maze-ing experience through an emergency exit. Lol. The rooms inside were so much more fun, with different illusions.

day7-6 logo
Lots of faces staring at you no matter where you go

So after that tiring run under the sun, around the maze, we headed into Wanaka for a lunch stop. Grabbed a meat pie (again) and pop by the mart to get some water and all before I settled down by the lake enjoying this beautiful day. Nope, did not see #thatwanakatree but would love to when I come back here the next time.

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& after lunch, we headed West towards where our destination for today would be Glacier Country Franz Josef! On the way there, we went past Haast Pass and Thunder Creek Falls, snapped some pictures and went on our way again.

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The West definitely felt very different as we drove through the stretches after stretches of trees, some looked like they came from sci-fi movies, while others got beaten into weird shapes as the wind constantly blow unto them.

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Upon reaching the lodge, we headed into our rooms and prepared for our Mexican night, which was really nice as we had bump into another Contiki group staying there as well. Cocktails going at NZ$6/7 whoop!

Had an instance whereby our Kellie, our tour manager asked the DJ to put on our day song. We were sitting outside playing games and all, and when we heard it, everyone just ran in, danced to it, and came out when the song was done.

After realizing there wasn’t much to do, we ended up in bed pretty early, awaiting our glacier adventure tomorrow.


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