Contiki ‘Sweet as’ South – Day IX


Today marks the last day of my Contiki tour! It’s so sad how we all know that we are heading back to reality in just a few days time. While some will continue to head to the North Island, many of us will end in Christchurch instead. Read More »


Contiki ‘Sweet as’ South – Day VII

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After 4 nights in Queenstown, we finally are leaving this place. Most of us left this city feeling better, had our stuffs on our bucket list ticked!

On the way out of Queenstown, some of my tour mates were going to do their final activity, the Kawarau Bridge Bungy. An amazing wake up activity indeed. While those who were signed up for it prepare for their jump, the rest of us stood by the side to witness what their courage do to them… & that was when I felt an urge to want to the jump, before I regret it when I head back home.

So I poped into an empty slot (luckily!) and was the last one to take my jump. Had my tour mate who was right before me freaking out, while I sat there getting my legs tied to the ropes and all and then asking myself what have I gotten myself into…

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