Contiki ‘Sweet as’ South – Day VI


This is the best activity hands down for the entire trip! We signed up for this as an optional tour, which takes an entire day, but definitely not like how Milford Sound is. Funyak is the only operator operating on Dart River. They have two types of tour, one with the kayak, and the other one that brings you into the wilderness for a walk. Of which, we took the one with the kayak that ends in a place called Paradise (where LOTR was shot). Read More »


Contiki ‘Sweet as’ South – Day V


Milford Sound – One of the most popular attraction in New Zealand!

Milford Sound, which is supposed to be a Fjord since it was formed by retreating glacier, happens to be the wettest area in New Zealand, getting about 7-9m of rain every year! But be it rain or shine, this place’s beauty is undeniable!

We took off real early in the morning, freaking 6:45am to catch the van at the hotel and transferred to the coach (huge coach!), picked up a few more people at the other location before setting off for Te Anau, one of the 2 toilet stop for the journey. The entire trip there takes about 5 hours and another 5 hours back. But we also have the option of upgrading the trip by taking a flight back, which includes a tour around Mt Aspiring. But meh, we are all young, poor travellers, so a coach back is good enough. As the Milford Sound tour takes an entire day and spend most of the time on the coach, bring along a travel pillow, or earplugs and catch up on your sleep while travelling there.

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If I had saved all the money I used for travelling, I could be a millionaire in no time. But I would rather travel and see the world than be a millionaire that hid in my own world.