Contiki ‘Sweet as’ South – Day III


We woke up early in the morning to try conquer the World’s steepest street according to Guinness record. Our Tour Manager got us to run up the street, every one of us. It was cute how everyone had to fight against gravity while still being groggy and sleepy. Best morning exercise ever, not!



On the way into Queenstown, we were supposed to watch whomever who signed up for the Kawarau Bridge Bungy jumping off the bridge but they were fully booked for the day and so we had a slight change in our itinerary and headed to Arrowtown for the afternoon before stepping into Queenstown.



New Zealand – Where cows and sheeps rule.




Did I mention that it was New Year’s eve and we were going to spend our last moments of 2014 in this awesome city! But oh well, it sure didn’t feel like New Year’s eve for me until the last few hours. (Couldn’t get over how fast 2014 went by).

So we headed into Arrowtown, which was a place which saw its peak when miners from all around the country came to earn their living from mining gold. All the buildings were so cute because it really makes you feel like you are in a mining village. Was eating my delicious pie under a big tree until it started raining and I thought I could stay out from the rain until I’m done with my food but mannnn, halfway through eating, I got half-soaked.




We reached Queenstown at 3-ish or something, and then I decided that I want to head to town to get a skirt, just because I forgot to pack mine into my bag! Argh! & while I complain that taking the bus in New Zealand is expensive, the cab fare is crazy! For a cab ride less than 5 minutes, it cost me around NZ$17 bucks. I don’t even want to count the amount of times we took a cab up and down. But if we have a group of 6 or 7, the cost would come down to around $3-ish per person after adding in the midnight rates and what not which was really not that bad. (and to think I find Singapore’s metre jumps too fast. New Zealand’s jumps even faster!)

Our lovely tour manager had booked the place at the Boiler Room for us, which is in front of the lake and where the fireworks were gonna be. Some of my tour mates went into the Ice bar because they signed up for the optional tour so while they were inside, I got hit on by a creepy guy while getting drinks and escaped out for a little while, and got rejected at the door when I tried to re-enter. Reason? Because I am not holding onto my original identification, the loophole was… I went in the first time with that same piece of paper. So bumped!

So my tour manager told me I could watch the fireworks from our hotel, so I went back up. PS: our hotel has a really great view of the lake and the Remarkables. Was a little disappointed how the hotel was quiet with no countdown to the new year, and the fireworks has never looked so pathetic before. (I saw my tour mate’s pictures and it looks pathetic even at the bottom). They need bigger and better fireworks next year!


View from hotel – Fireworks were slightly bigger than the brightest blue light you see there.

Of course, I couldn’t end off the night without admiring the stars! I swear they were more stunning than those fireworks.




Pretty much everyone came back early after the countdown, just because we were going to go on the Shotover Jet the next morning.

More about the activities in Queenstown coming up in the next few posts!


Check out this awesome tour over here!
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored trip! Everything was my own expenses.


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