Contiki ‘Sweet as’ South – Day II


Set off from the beautiful Lake Ohau in the morning to the first see the Benmore dam (which has dam wall made of soil instead of concrete) and then afterwards headed to Oamaru. FUN FACT: Do you know that close to 50% of New Zealand’s electricity are generated by hydro electric power plant? It’s actually a drop from close to 70% from past years.

Oamaru is New Zealand’s Victorian city & have tonnes of interesting shops in this place. They also have a steam punk museum but none of us went in there because of the limited time given to us. New Zealand? UK?




Next up! We headed to see the famous Moeraki boulders and had fish and chups for lunch. It was a gloomy day but nothing is stopping us from climbing onto the rocks, doing handstands on the rock, taking an emo shot on the rock.


moeraki2-logomoeraki3-logo moeraki4-logo

The fish n chips (or fish n chups like how the kiwis said it) were good! Maybe because I’m so used to having dry fish for fish n chips, when I have juicy fish, I get excited! It’s so so fresh! For those not into fish n chips, the restaurant has other stuffs on their menu. One of my tour mate wasn’t hungry so she got herself just a portion of chips. It’s scarily a lot I wouldn’t have chips for days!

On the way into Dunedin, our Tour Manager told us our hotel was just right beside the Cadbury factory & that we could go on a tour as an optional. I would say that was probably one of the most boring tour I have done in my entire life! I swear if you bring me to a museum, I would have enjoyed it wayyyy much more. Wouldn’t recommend anyone taking this up. They have an area that allows people to get the chocs still even without getting onto the tour. So those Cadbury fans, you can get the chocs and skip the tour. You will be fine I promise.

I was told by my colleague that Dunedin has a weekend market at the train station. So catch that! I didn’t managed to because I went for the silly tour. T^T

Later in the evening, we went on our included Speight’s brewery tour! We couldn’t really catch what the guide was trying to say so no one caught the entire picture of how the beer was made. All I heard was water coming from here, to that pot, to the other one and what?


Afterwards, we have a 45mins drink-all-you-can session and have a go at getting our own beer from the tap! Probably the only thing everyone is anticipating for for this brewery tour LOL. I fell in love with their cider, it’s so smooth and tasty! But the alcohol content would kick you without you even knowing!



We had a dinner at Speight’s Ale house where most of my tour mates died at the garlic loaf (yea not bread, loaf! They gave an entire loaf). But they also enjoyed the lamb while I struggle with my beef. Meh.

By the time we were out, pretty everything else was closed. Except those bars at the Octagon. We walked back from Speight’s Ale house and the sun hasn’t even set when we reached back the hotel. It was really too early for me, so I grabbed my camera and headed back out to check out the gothic church in Octagon. Lots of gothic churches around in Dunedin. Tip: Spot gothic churches by their window planes. They have a sharp point at the top of the plane. 


Check out this awesome tour over here!
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored trip! Everything was my own expenses.


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