Christchurch Gondola


This is probably the best thing I’ve did in Christchurch. As touristy as it may seems, I’m super into beautiful cityscape and sceneries, so I of course couldn’t miss this!

I actually bought the package of a Gondola and the tram online before I flew to Christchurch but I only got to the Gondola because by the time I went back down, the Tram had already stop operating. All these operating time are killing me. But nonetheless, I knew I couldn’t do the tram in time when I reached the Gondola, so I just took my time to take in the sights while I was at the top.

The Gondola cost NZ$25 which I find it on the expensive side but for the view, it’s still pretty worth it. I was alone in the Gondola and I hate it when the a gust of wind starts swinging my cabin. IT.WAS.SO.SCARY.

Initially, I felt I might have made the wrong decision to come up, just because the view wasn’t as good even when I was halfway up the ride. But the last quarter was pretty stunning, especially after the gondola climb over the hill and revealed the lake! I cannot resist turquoise blue waters!


There are actually hiking trails up at the top, so for those who wanted to take in the nature, get your hiking gears here! Actually, you can survive with just running shoes/ tracking shoes.

I walked down the trail a little, but came back up as I had no idea where I would end up in if I were to walk down. Definitely going to try doing the trail if I go back there next time.

To get there: Take bus 28 from Central station in Christchurch. Journey takes about 20-30mins.



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