Christchurch Botanic Gardens


Here goes my first post of my New Zealand trip, the place I visit on my first night there. Yes, you did not read wrongly, first night. It was summer when I was there and the sun doesn’t set till about 9pm at night. & the reason why I went into Botanic Gardens was because I was hella bored in Christchurch. Shops closes at 5pm if you are wondering… & because the city centre is still recovery from earthquake that shook the city and pulled down most of the buildings in the city centre, its pretty much like a ghost town after 5pm.

So since the Botanic Gardens is one of the attractions still opened after 5pm, I decided to head over. If anyone have thoughts of staying in YHA hostel in Christchurch, you can just pop by anytime, just because it is just across the street.

When I went in, I was greeted by the tranquility of the place, and a cute water fountain. I’m not exactly sure where did everyone went to, but the botanic gardens was very quiet and peaceful at that time, making it really nice to walk in.


From outside, the garden didn’t look big, but once inside, it’s pretty huge! There’s a caterpillar tram that brings tourists around the Botanic Gardens but I believe it has stopped operating for that day. But yay to exploring the gardens by foot.

Tbh, I’m not a very plant person though I do get curious when I come across unique plants, & so the Botanic Gardens weren’t exactly the first thing that came into my mind when I was looking for something to do in Christchurch. I was more of just enjoying the peacefulness of the place (except that one kid I really feel like smacking cos she was screaming and wailing everywhere she goes.)

In the day, you can also book tours that brings you punting on the river in the Botanic Gardens. I wanted to do that but thought it would be really weird being alone in the boat, heh, so I just gave that a miss. Glad I did because I was so running out of time in Christchurch.

In the middle of the gardens, they have the rose garden with other colourful flowers surrounding the area. It was so pretty I felt like I was in Paris or something.




While walking in here, I saw a couple walking around barefooted, & so I thought why not? Since it brings you closer to the nature. So I took off my shoes and walked around. My skin is pretty sensitive to grass and will itch when come in contact with grass, but I totally enjoyed walking around the rose garden barefooted. Not sure which what type of grass that was but all I felt like doing was to lay on the grass and roll (don’t judge me!)



Near the rose garden, they have a really cool greenhouse (?) and cafe made of glass. (I mean it just really looks like a greenhouse to me heehee) But like every other things in Christchurch, it is closed! Better luck next time!


One thing I like being alone – you spend your time your way! Since I was not in a rush (like seriously, where can I rush to?) I sat around on benches in the park while enjoying the birds sing their song. I was so silly I even did a recording of the sounds, thinking I might really just need it one day to make me feel better (scene from interstellar anyone?).


Sitting around a tree for some chats?

To get here: Situated at the Canterbury Museum. Best way to here from Central station is to walk. Grab a map of Christchurch and walk your way here. No more than 20 mins walk.


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