Willowbank Wildlife Reserve



While most tourist choose to stay in the city centre when staying in Christchurch, I chose to head out, & realised it’s so much more exciting and livelier there. That was also when I realised public transport in New Zealand can be that expensive!

It cost me NZ$3.50 for a bus ride, & I didn’t know I could use the tickets for 1 other transfer within 2 hours, so I ended up paying NZ$10.5 for 4 rides. Meh… Learnt my lesson to read all my receipts and tickets in the future.

I had to do a transfer at Northland Mall, & when I arrived, the next bus was about 30mins away, so I went in there for the toilet before coming back out to catch the bus. The bus stop has a system which tells you how long the next bus is gna take, & the buses are pretty on time. After I came back from Willowbank, I dropped by Northland again to have my lunch before heading back to Christchurch. The mall is pretty big, with a supermart and also lots of eateries and shops.

After close to half an hour of ride from Northland, I got down along this street of almost nothing, quiet little place and walked about 2 mins into Willowbank Nature Reserve.

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Christchurch Botanic Gardens


Here goes my first post of my New Zealand trip, the place I visit on my first night there. Yes, you did not read wrongly, first night. It was summer when I was there and the sun doesn’t set till about 9pm at night. & the reason why I went into Botanic Gardens was because I was hella bored in Christchurch. Shops closes at 5pm if you are wondering… & because the city centre is still recovery from earthquake that shook the city and pulled down most of the buildings in the city centre, its pretty much like a ghost town after 5pm.

So since the Botanic Gardens is one of the attractions still opened after 5pm, I decided to head over. If anyone have thoughts of staying in YHA hostel in Christchurch, you can just pop by anytime, just because it is just across the street.

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New Zealand – Paradise on Earth!


Happy New Year to all my readers!! XOXO

I am back from New Zealand in one piece! Anyone following my instagram would know that I had a blast in New Zealand! I spent my last moments of 2014 in New Zealand and welcomed the new year in this gorgeous land!

This 16 days (technically only 15 days) has been such an experience, one I would never wish to forget! I will eventually blog about every single one of my experience so that in the many years to come, I will read my posts and laugh. For now, I just need to unpack my items (i really hate packing and unpacking) and edit my pictures.

Queenstown was pretty much the highlights of the highlights for me because we stayed there the longest and I simply did things I never thought I would do – jumping out of a plane, off a cliff, off a bridge (yea my friends all think i’m going crazy). & also things that most people take for granted, the stars!! Being able to see both shooting star and aurora on the same night, I’m just left with seeing the Milky Way and I can pretty much without regrets.

& of course New Zealand has got so much more to offer! The sceneries wows you every single day, even when it is raining (cough Milford Sound cough). & not forgetting the super friendly kiwis (not the bird)! Not forgetting the cows and the sheep that greets you along the highway. PS: It’s my first time I see diary cows running on the field, happy cows ftw!

So to summarise what I did: waking up to lakes and mountains, jumping off things, falling in love with this land, getting ready to head back.

Keep checking back for more of my trip! I shall get some beauty sleep now. x