KTO Master Planner Challenge Prize!


This is a super delayed post but I still have to do it anyways. So previously I mentioned that my friend and I participated in the KTO Master Planner Challenge. Didn’t win the top prizes but we still walked away with $100 Bibigo vouchers!

We said that it’s actually a much better prize compared to the 2nd and 3rd place. At least we can stuff ourselves with Korean food till our tummies explode! It’s my first time there and I enjoyed the food!

There may not be a very wide variety of food to it but most of the food are nice, some with a taste of Singapore? We went to the on in Suntec during a weekday and the restaurant was nice because there were few customers. The lighting of the restaurant was really nice. I didn’t have to do any editing for the pictures & the fact that I was using my phone camera and the place is slightly dimmed, I was really surprised.




We ordered so much food that our table was not enough to put, the staff had to pull another one over just for us to place all the food properly. & yes I was so happy I had beer!! (I’m such a beer junk!) But I prefer Cass over Hite. But then again, it’s beer, so who cares!


Unlike traditional korea restaurants, they don’t give banchan (side dishes) when we order food. WHERE ARE MY BANCHANS?! Nonetheless, the japchae and dokbukki was really nice. I was really hoping they had Doenjangjjigae but meh, they didn’t have it. So we went with Kimchijjigae instead. & like the name suggest, their Bibimbap might be their main dish, and it taste really really good. Now I really wish that I am in Korea.

The things in Bibigo isn’t excatly cheap, but we were surprised that the amount of food we ordered, was only $99.30! We didn’t even need to top up any amount.

So to end off, here’s a picture of our receipt:



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