Homerun Baseball Singapore


While my friends and I were talking about bringing in baseball cages so that we can enjoy batting… someone brought it in!

Homerun Baseball is located at Pandan Gardens and its the first (?) in Singapore! I came to know of this place when they were having promotions with Groupon & I finally got the chance to visit this place.

For those who thinks this is air conditioned and really comfortable, you are utterly wrong. It’s really pretty humid on a sunny day, but it is a great way to sweat everything out!

Homerun Baseball Singapore has a total of 4 batting lanes (1 softball and 3 baseball; inclusive of a left handed batting lane), and a pitching lane. If you sign up for a member while you are there, you get 16 tokens for $50, if it’s your birthday month, you get an additional 5 tokens. 1 token would allow you bat 15 pitches at the batting lane, or pitch 12 pitches at the pitching lane.

The softball lane goes at 80km/h; the baseball lane goes at 80km/h, 90km/h and 110km/h. The staff’s uniform was really cute, and TV was playing NYY’s game highlights on repeat (no idea why it was on repeat though).


We had the luxury of changing lanes as and when we want it because we were pretty much the only customers that day, until 2 jap boys came along with their father. Those jap boys were so good they were contacting every single pitches that came out! The older brother can do both left and right hand batting. We were soooo impressed.


The staff only gave a brief of what to take note of, so for those who have no idea of how to bat, good luck! Hahahaha!

I had 21 tokens while my friend had 16 tokens that day, and when we purchased it, we thought we would come back another day to finish the tokens. But we were so wrong. We finished all our tokens in 2 hours. After that, both of us were aching so bad from all the batting. XD





& because we are both KBO fans, we wore our favourite team’s jersey. Not a good idea. I was almost suffocating from the jersey. Why so thick?!





The area has got a prawning pond beside it and if we were to present our membership card there, we get a discount. They also have a 7-11 there for those who wanna get any drinks or snacks.

To get there: Take bus 143 or 51 from Jurong East Interchange. Alight outside Homerun Baseball.


D-49 to Middle Earth!


49 more days to my departure to the beautiful & stunning middle earth! I would like to do everything, from sky diving to bungee to zorbing and many many more!

Of course, the famous Fox glaciers and Lake Tekapo! Watch the skies like what nature intended!

Ready to take off anytime!

Palaces in Korea Part 4 – Changdeokgung (창덕궁)


I am so sorry this post the longest time ever to come. Was too lazy to even do anything on weekends, just wanted to sleep through everything. But now I’m back!

Changdeokgung – Second largest among the 5 Palaces in Seoul, is stunning! I love this palace so so much! If you happen to be there on a weekday morning, you will enjoy the peacefulness in the palace like I did. This was also named as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1997. Lots of tourists who visits Seoul would visit Gyeongbokgung but forgot all about Changdeokgung. This palace should be in your itinerary and not to be missed!

Construction of Changdeok Palace began in 1405, and was completed in 1412. King Seonjo expanded the palace grounds by about 500,000 square meters, including Huwon. Was supposed to be named as Gyeongbokgung but King Taejong had it named as Changdeokgung after the killings done for fighting over a throne. This palace once served as the main palace until Gyeongbokgung was rebuilt.

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KTO Master Planner Challenge Prize!


This is a super delayed post but I still have to do it anyways. So previously I mentioned that my friend and I participated in the KTO Master Planner Challenge. Didn’t win the top prizes but we still walked away with $100 Bibigo vouchers!

We said that it’s actually a much better prize compared to the 2nd and 3rd place. At least we can stuff ourselves with Korean food till our tummies explode! It’s my first time there and I enjoyed the food!

There may not be a very wide variety of food to it but most of the food are nice, some with a taste of Singapore? We went to the on in Suntec during a weekday and the restaurant was nice because there were few customers. The lighting of the restaurant was really nice. I didn’t have to do any editing for the pictures & the fact that I was using my phone camera and the place is slightly dimmed, I was really surprised.




We ordered so much food that our table was not enough to put, the staff had to pull another one over just for us to place all the food properly. & yes I was so happy I had beer!! (I’m such a beer junk!) But I prefer Cass over Hite. But then again, it’s beer, so who cares!


Unlike traditional korea restaurants, they don’t give banchan (side dishes) when we order food. WHERE ARE MY BANCHANS?! Nonetheless, the japchae and dokbukki was really nice. I was really hoping they had Doenjangjjigae but meh, they didn’t have it. So we went with Kimchijjigae instead. & like the name suggest, their Bibimbap might be their main dish, and it taste really really good. Now I really wish that I am in Korea.

The things in Bibigo isn’t excatly cheap, but we were surprised that the amount of food we ordered, was only $99.30! We didn’t even need to top up any amount.

So to end off, here’s a picture of our receipt: