Palaces in Korea Part 2 – Changgyeonggung (창경궁)


Changgyeonggung is another palace which most people do not know. This palace is conveniently connected to Changdeokgung through a side gate and has really quite a bit of things to see.

I came in through the side gate of the palace because I missed the Huwon timing for Changdeokgung and saw a bunch of people queuing up for the tickets, so I did, and in I went! I swear I have not even heard of this palace before I stepped in. Even when I stepped in, I had little idea of what it was.

Changgyeonggung unlike Deoksugung, has a huge compound, and you will probably get lost trying to wander around this place. Since I came in from the side gate, I have no idea how to get out, and ended up being one of the last few to get out of that palace after they closed.

Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this palace and what it has to offer. Changgyeonggung was built by the 4th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty, King Sejong. It often served as residential quarters for queens and concubines. It was occupied by the Japanese during their reign there and they turned it into a zoo and botanical garden. Like any other palace, it was badly destroyed during the Japanese Occupation and after many years of restoration, the palace is what we see now.

I started the walk into the palace through a long stretch of trees. Since it was autumn when I went, everything was sooooo pretty and everyone was just trying to take pictures of the leaves. The road led to a huge pond, which the Japanese had little ships floating on it (Like seriously…?). This place is really a very romantic if not for the crowd. The reflections on the water of the colourful trees are to die for. My camera just couldn’t capture what was there. I could sit there for hours just to enjoy that view.





After the pond, I walked into a forest-like area and came out to an area with the green house. & that was the best area! The trees were sooooo pretty and it is not as crowded like the pond area. We could also walk around the small little garden in that area. They were growing some veggies and fruits. Don’t ask me what, I could read some but most of them are just terms I’ve never heard before. LOL.




Up till now, there’s still no pictures of the palace buildings because I haven’t seen any! Or rather I do, but at an elevated level. So after walking around for close to an hour, I finally saw the buildings!

cgg9 cgg10 cgg11 cgg12

I don’t actually think I have finished walking the entire palace, pretty much covering the garden at the back of the palace only. But this place is really a must go if you are looking at walking through the palace and taking shots peacefully.

To get there: Anguk Exit 3, Walk into Changdeokgung, and enter from side gate to Changgyeonggung. (I’m sorry but that’s how I went there the other time). Closed on every Monday.

Alternatively, take to Hyehwa Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 3.
Go 20m and then turn left at Seoul Jongno Pharmacy (서울종로약국).
Go 180m and then turn left at Jeongmin Onnuri Pharmacy (정민온누리약국)
Go 200m and then turn left.
Go 60m and then cross the road to arrive at Changgyeonggung Palace.
Cr: KTO Website


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