Taiwan HOT Edition: Jinsan Old Street


I can’t believe I haven’t been blogging for so long now! I’m so sorry~!!! Let me continue with my Taiwan trip for now.

We headed over to Jinsan Old Street after we went to Yeliu. This street was bustling with people as it was a saturday. I really love visiting the “old streets” when in Taiwan, most of the shops are selling food, so all we have to do was just grab 1 from each stall and we can taste everything & they taste really good!

So here’s a flood of food!

js6js7 js8 js9 js10 js11

Our guide recommended us to try the steam duck over there, don’t look very appetising but oh gosh, it was damn delicious!



The interesting thing was, we had to go to the counter to grab a plate, and then after which, find a seat in the canteen about 30metres away to eat there, all without even making payment. My mother even joked, probably that’s the reason why so many people eat this. XD

So we went into the canteen and then we realised that there were tonnes of staffs in the canteen, waiting for you to call for the bill and also help people look for seats (there goes our free duck hahahaha!)

After we finished walking around the old street, we went for the very very traditional hot spring experience. Just right between the carpark and Jinsan Old Street, the hot spring stood there, not looking very appealing, building a little run down. We went in, asking for a family room.

PS: For those people who find old stuffs dirty, then I suggest maybe you would like to skip this. It’s really old, but I really like it because that is how people in Taiwan does it.

js4 js5

So yes, we went in, thinking it would be a damn big room since it is a family room, but it was a really small room, with a small pool that could hardly contain the 3 of us. The water was hot, like really hot. But on such a warm day, it was great, having to sweat out everything.

One thing i like about dipping in the hot spring, be it summer or winter. it relaxes your whole body. All of us slept on the car on the way back to Taipei, hahaha!

Outside the hot spring house, there’s this stall that has those cute fishing game. So my brother decided that he wanted to be the kid that day and went for it. After that, all the kids get a toy of their choice. It’s great business though, kids come and play, you just need to keep the current into the inflatable pool running and buy some small little toys.


& one the way back, we drove on Yangmingshan and here, the night view of Taipei! Not very clear picture because it was a little hazy that day.



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