Palaces in Korea Part 2 – Changgyeonggung (창경궁)


Changgyeonggung is another palace which most people do not know. This palace is conveniently connected to Changdeokgung through a side gate and has really quite a bit of things to see.

I came in through the side gate of the palace because I missed the Huwon timing for Changdeokgung and saw a bunch of people queuing up for the tickets, so I did, and in I went! I swear I have not even heard of this palace before I stepped in. Even when I stepped in, I had little idea of what it was.

Changgyeonggung unlike Deoksugung, has a huge compound, and you will probably get lost trying to wander around this place. Since I came in from the side gate, I have no idea how to get out, and ended up being one of the last few to get out of that palace after they closed.

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Palaces in Korea Part 1 – Deoksugung (덕수궁)


People heard of club hopping, pub hopping, but today’s ima introduce palace hopping! (Okay not exactly, because I didn’t visit them all at one go, but you guys could!)

In Seoul there are five palaces and if you only intend to visit only one of the many, you’e missing out on ALOT. For those planning to visit more than one palace, good for you! They have a ticket called the Integrated ticket of Palaces that goes at 10000won, and you get to visit the 4 main palaces (Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung and Deoksugung) and the Jongno Shrine. If you are planning to finish all the 5 places in one day, good luck! Because I don’t think you can, unless you rush through everything. But the ticket is valid for 1 month, so as long as you have time and are still in Korea within that 1 month validity date, you can use it! & just in case you are curious, the fifth palace is called Gyeonghuigung, but they mentioned that it is more like a villa. I myself have yet to visit this one but really intend to, someday when I am there again!

I’ve decided that since all the posts are going to be picture heavy, I shall make them into different parts, and you can check them out!

& I will be starting from the smallest and considered the newest, Deoksugung!

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KTO Master Planner


A few weeks ago, KTO MICE ran a contest that requires participant to plan out a company trip. & the grand prize was a pair of return tickets to Seoul! Of course I was tempted and decided to give it a try with my friend.

Basically, we used my friend’s company as the target audience and then started planning from there. (actually it kind of started off with a made up company but we changed) What we were supposed to do was to build an itinerary from scratch and make it suitable for the audiences that we are targeting at, so in our case, we decided to go for the nature theme.

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Taiwan HOT Edition: Jinsan Old Street


I can’t believe I haven’t been blogging for so long now! I’m so sorry~!!! Let me continue with my Taiwan trip for now.

We headed over to Jinsan Old Street after we went to Yeliu. This street was bustling with people as it was a saturday. I really love visiting the “old streets” when in Taiwan, most of the shops are selling food, so all we have to do was just grab 1 from each stall and we can taste everything & they taste really good!

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