National Day Special – Pulau Ubin!



I know National Day was longgg over. I can’t believe this post actually took me 2 weeks. I procrastinated so long and finally forced myself to sit in front of my computer and blog properly after not doing so for almost a month!

So 9th Aug was National Day and instead of heading to the city to squeeze with the rest of Singapore and catch fireworks, my family and I decided to travel back in time with Pulau Ubin. Situated at the Eastern Coast of Singapore, this island is a beauty!

Ferries across the waters to bring you to the island cost S$2.50 each and ferry will usually wait till it is full (usually 12 – 15 passengers) before driving off. The ride would take about 10 mins. Apparently, lots of like minded Singaporeans and expats/ foreign workers also headed to Pulau Ubin that day, but it was great because it made the island livelier!


Visitors can either choose to either walk, cycle or rent a van to explore the island. I’m not very sure about the people who has the stamina the walk, but nope, never going to take that option. The van would probably be for the tourists who have little time on the island. We went for the bikes instead. Bike rentals, unlike places like East Coast Park, are cheap. & some of the bikes are really nice and new! Just one thing I hate about those bikes, my butt hurts.


We got a picture of the map from the visitor information centre, but tbh, we don’t really need a map. The directions on the island are very good. We first cycled to Chek Jawa – to check out the mangrove swamps. My mother and me have seen it so many times but it’s my brother’s first. But since it was high tide, we could only see the swamps and water (and rubbish floating on the water – which is a pretty sad sight). During low tide, one could see more of the habitat.

pu12pu3 pu4 pu6 pu7 pu8 pu9

I guess it was the rambutan season, while cycling along the trail, we see tonnes of rambutan by the roadside. My mother thought it was probably the monkeys at work, then we realised its the humans at work. Near the pier, an uncle was selling 1kg of rambutan for S$3. Being Singaporeans, tropical fruits are hard to reject, so mummy bought 1kg and we finished it on the spot there. HAHAHAHA!




Not very sure when would be the my next trip here (last trip was when I was fifteen) but this place is definitely lovely for me to visit again.

Tips: Bring sunglasses and wear long sleeve shirts and pants if you can. I got really sunburnt after an entire day of cycling under the scorching sun.


To get here: Take bus 59 from Bishan bus interchange to Changi Ferry Terminal (Last stop). Take a ferry across to Pulau Ubin. Bus ride takes 1hr 30mins, so sleeping time!


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