[Review] Jeju Hotel JM




It was a headache trying to choose which hotel to stay in when it comes to Jeju. I’ve always visited Jeju with tour groups and stayed in hotels they provide, it’s hard to know where is what. So I did a little research and with he budget we have, we picked JM Hotel. JM Hotel is very conveniently located near the airport (about 7-10mins drive away) and shopping area in that vicinity.

One thing about agoda, they don’t tell you how to get to the hotel/place. So I searched up the hotel’s korean website and you can find it here: http://hoteljm.co.kr/

So we took a bus to the hotel, about 10-15mins ride depending on traffic, and arrived on the opposite side of the road. Supposed to cross the road but we headed backwards instead and found JM Hotel. (mind you, they are not the same).

Anyways, we finally reached the hotel after a while. The location is great! Just downstairs the building, they have a laundry place, some eateries, and December Goodstay hotel being nearby too. The building might look slightly rundown on the outside, but the interior probably got refurbished recently.

The reception is a guy who spoke basic english, helpful enough to assist when needed to ask for directions and some other stuffs.

Our room was in the green theme like you see in the above picture, had everything from an ensuite toilet to nice comfy beds, complete with a computer free to use! There were tonnes of bottles of water in our mini fridge and we were trying to figure out if the bottle was bought by previous guests or did they placed it in there. But yeap, its from the hotel and we could have those bottled water.

One thing would be they do not have a phone in the room that we could call to the service desk, so if we need to ask something, we have to head downstairs to ask.

We stayed there for 2 nights, on the very first night we went to E Mart which is about 10mins drive away & got lots of stuffs, there were boxes everywhere, but the next day when we came back in the evening, they cleaned up the boxes, felt so bad to have created such a mess.


The hotel is also located near the shopping area, one of my favourites, had to come here everytime when I am in Jeju, the shops here might sell things a little more expensive compared to those in Dongdaemun, but if I ever find a piece I like, I would buy it, knowing that I would probably not see it in Seoul. There are also a lot of eateries around, but they do not open till super late, just a few of them. Love the arcade towards the end of the street, they have little karaoke rooms where one song would cost 5000won. Just pop the coin in and sing your song, and get a grade after the whole song ended. There are times when you will see kids outside the arcade playing with the punching machine.

While some say Jeju can be pretty boring at night, this place is lively! & the fact that it is only 5 mins walk from the hotel, makes this place even better.


To get there:
– Take bus #37 from Jeju Domestic Airport, gate 2. (OR you can take airport limousine #600) Alight at Grace hotel (listen to the announcement on the bus carefully). After alighting cross over to the other side and walk towards the back, you should be able to see JM Hotel in no time.

– A cab from the airport would cost about 6000-7000won. When leaving the hotel, you can get the service desk to get you a cab, no extra charges!




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