Taiwan HOT Edition: Martyrs’ Shrine & Yeliu


Taiwan is hot edition, Singapore is hot edition too! /sweats

Another thing that you should not miss is the guard changing ceremony in Martyr’s Shrine. The shrine is built in memorial of soldiers who died during the wars that has taken place.

We were walking towards the MRT station to head to the shrine when we came by a taxi driver who was selling day trips out of Taipei. Initially, we wanted to enquire about how much it would take to do a trip to the farms the next day but ended getting another day trip out to Yeliu and so on for the day too.

So we started with the Martyr’s Shrine, reaching about 20mins earlier before the guard changing ceremony started and had a walk around the hall. I’ve been there once, stood near the gate and witness the last few parts of the guard changing ceremony before my tour group left. But the hall itself was so worth seeing. Many people head there not knowing what that hall was for, but after seeing all the name plates in the shrine, I really felt sad. To the soldiers who fought and died, in whichever war, i salute you!

cks5 cks6 cks7


After exploring for a while, the guard changing ceremony started. The soldiers marched from the gates to the hall, changed out the two guards who stood there for an hour, before heading back to the gate to swop the other two guards.

By then the place was filled with tourists sweeping out their cameras snapping away. The route they marched has been so used that you could see the markings on the ground.


After shooting enough, we got onto the taxi (hell, the weather was so hot even the taxi air con on full blast took a while to cool us down) and headed out to Yeliu, a park North of Taipei.

While on the way there, we came across this group of people doing Paragliding at 万里沙滩 & got the driver to stop by there so that we could do it. it cost NT$1200 per person and it was a trip down from the top of the hill to the beach. Since it was a holiday, we had tonnes of people waiting for their turn, and we kinda cut queue thanks to our driver.

No training needed, put on the gear, helmet, then you will be assigned to an instructor. Just run, and fly.

para1 para2 para3para4

After getting distracted for a while, we finally reached Yeliu! Was such a hot and humid day, I can’t actually believed we walked so much and still continued walking.

Yeliu is a geopark which features rocks and landscape formed by nature’s wind and tide, which eventually leaves the land with lots of odd shape rocks. Besides those rocks, there are also plenty of fossils in this place, before you head in, they have a chart that says what are some of the fossils you will be able to spot here.

This place has been popular since long time ago, and tourists flock here, just to have a picture with the Queen’s head rock, and of course, there are also lots of other rocks around, some even named by how they look.

Summer may be a good time to head to all these places because you might just skip the rain, but it is pretty uncomfortable to be walking in such a humid weather. Tip is to bring along a battery operated fan/ hand held fan with you always.


They call this the Naughty Princess (not sure which part of it looks naughty but bleh)

yeliu6 yeliu7 yeliu8

Since Yeliu is near the sea, the area surrounding are filled fishing boats and seafood houses. Just a walk along the coast outside of the geopark, you could see that they are plenty of seafood houses. I have something about fishing boats. They just awe me so much.

Outside the park also stands a mini market, selling dried sea products and many others. Do check that out too!


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