[Review] Funstay Inn Guesthouse


Here’s a review of what guesthouse I stayed in when I was in Busan. If you guys followed me for my last trip, you guys would probably know that Ms Egg Guesthouse was bad. But this guesthouse is totally different!

Getting to this guesthouse is really easy. The nearest station would be Nampo Station once you exit from exit #1, the guesthouse would be visible in minutes.

The only bad thing, really the one and only, is the lack of elevators in this building. This building is 4 storeys high, with level 1 being nothing, level 2 the lounge and reception area, 3 and 4 being the rooms, it is pretty hellish trying to lug all my bags and luggage up the stairs (& we were given a room on the last level, wooooh).

Nonetheless, other than that, I really can’t find anything that is bad about this guesthouse.

1. Location – Situation in the heart of Busan, where you get the most action on the streets of Gwangbok-ro and Jagalchi Market, Bukje Market, and the new Bupyeong Kkangtong Night Market opened, complete with a Lotte Departmental store, this place has nothing lacking in terms satisfying the glutton or shopaholic in you. Did I mention that the back door of the guesthouse leads to a whole row of restaurants hidden from the main street of Gwangbok-ro?


2. Cleanliness – I stayed here for a total of 5 nights in a 4 female bunk bed room, but the staffs would come in when we are not around, clean up the place so that we can come back to a clean room for a rest. Very thoughtful. Each room has its own ensuite toilets (which means no toilet war!) and the toilets are cleaned every day too, and supplies replenished when needed.

3. Facilities – From the lounge to the rooms, this place is superb. The rooms, despite having no TV, has its own aircon/ heater, lockers huge enough to store my 20″ luggage (& plenty extras for other stuffs, our room was for 4 persons, we have 8 lockers for our own usage). Hair dryers & towels are provided as well, & they are not stingy with the towels. The staff, Maria, mentioned that we can always let her know if we do not have enough towels to use. There are plenty of tables and chairs around in the lounge for breakfast or even just hanging out, a huge TV for every one to watch, and coffee dispenser. Those who are hungry can also buy snacks or cup noodles from the mini store at the lounge. Along the corridor, there are also water dispensers which dispenses hot and cold water (yay to saving on buying water from convenience stores). Breakfast is provided every morning, has toaster for bread, eggs, milk, juice, very simple breakfast to start the day with.

4. Friendly staffs – Despite the fact we had some disputes due to a misinterpretation during arrival, everything else was great. Always ready to help, always ready to assist. They also replenishes the guide maps and info pamphlets on the activities and attractions in Busan. There is also a big map in the lounge area indicating the various attractions and you can actually figure out how far that place is from the guesthouse.

Overall, I really had a great stay in the guesthouse. For those travelling to Busan, this can be a great choice!

Website: http://www.funstayguesthouse.com/
PS: If you don’t know Korean, you can also book this on Booking.com.

& This is not an advertisement, I paid for all expenses on my own. Pictures credits to Funstay Inn Guesthouse website.



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