Busan: Gwangan beach & bridge!


Continuing last week’s Haeundae beach, this week, here we have Gwangan Beach! Well, that beach which is famous for the Diamond Bridge if no one knows what I am talking about.

Couples who want a place to date while in Busan, this place sure cannot be missed! I find this whole entire place super romantic!

It is a long walk, probably about 10 mins to the beach. Once you got out of Gwangan Station, walk to the second alley before turning right into the alley, continue walking till you see another main road, cross the road, continue walking some more. Okay wait, before you guys continue walking, if you are walking right, you should see a small chicken shop in a corner at the street opposite. THEIR ROASTED CHICKEN ARE DAMN NICE I KID YOU NOT. We bought a box thinking that we probably wouldn’t be able to finish it, but we licked the whole box clean and were wishing for more. It was that delicious! The shop owner & delivery guys were all so amused that we were non locals but spoke Korean, he even got his daughter who was lazing on the bed to sit up so that we could sit in the shop while waiting. & a free service Pepsi! He wanted to give us a 1.5 litres bottle but told him the small one is enough. O_O Anyway, so we took our chicken box and continued walking, and the bridge would somehow be in your sight soon.

The whole coast was like a city that never sleeps. The cafes, pubs and restaurants here so filled with people despite the fact that it was already 10-ish. We took some pictures, rolled around on the sand before sitting on the stone pathway to have our chicken. So yes, name of chicken stall is 굽네치킨 & the item we order was 굽네 통날개.

ga7 ga8

With the sea breeze, great food, great view, what we were missing was a busker, which we eventually had because some Korean guy sitting beside was playing the guitar for her girlfriend. (so sweet right! I know!).

Since fireworks aren’t illegal in Korea, you see vendors along the beach selling fireworks at 2000won, they have sparklers too! (Oh and if you visit during the right time, you might be lucky enough to catch the Busan Fireworks Festival too. Check out my experience last year here!)

Towards the left side of the beach, from where we were sitting, I could see a viking ship and wanted to get on it that night. We were basically freezing after downing the cold Pepsi & the wind blowing in our face but I hadddd to do it. So after the chicken, we walked over to the little amusement park to find that it is already closing. They even have batting cages with Lotte Giants players posters on. For those who want to play some stuffs like bumper cars, viking ship, head there before 12am!


I guess the beach was preparing for summer, which explains all the boat & umbrellas around. Along the whole stretch of beach, there are jimjilbang and hotels crowding the place. Of which, if you want to relax and still see the Gwangan Bridge, you guys should head to Hotel Homers’s Jimjilbang to steam yourself and enjoy some great view. This place closes at 11pm, which was why I didn’t have the chance to go. Happened to chance upon a picture on instagram and asked the instagrammer where was it.

ga3 ga4 ga5 ga6

The Diamond Bridge, also known as Gwangan Bridge, has recently just went through an LED lights installation project and now every night, they have light shows everyday at certain timing with the lights changing to the song.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 6.59.02 pm

Cr: Busan Website

We were walking along the beach when we realised they off the lights! So the bridge don’t actually stay on for the entire night, just till 12am. So for those wanting to catch the lights on the bridge, remember to head there before 12 midnight!

While the bridge goes to sleep, another part of Gwangan Beach comes alive, right beside the beach, you get tables and tents of Pojangmachas sprouting out, for you to enjoy the seafood and soju.


I also believed that there is another side of this place which I have yet to explore, and maybe, just maybe, another world. I’m just wondering if those yachts are nearby. If you guys have seen it, let me know!

To get here: Gwangan Station Exit 3 or 5


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