Busan: Haeundae beach & market

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It’s summer! & it’s all about the beach and suntanning! So of course, one of my favourite beach, Haeundae Beach!

Being a famous landmark of Busan, this place sure doesn’t fail. I have not been to tonnes of beaches on this earth but this place really explains why thousands flock here every single summer without fail for sun and sea! Actually even during non-summer days, you see people basking in the sun too!

This whole stretch of beach is just pretty flat, which makes doing beach activities really easy. Beach volleyball, baseball, frisbee, running and all, during summer, this whole beach just turns into a hugeeee sun bed. I have yet to see that glorious view of thousands of people, locals and foreigners, basking on the same beach under the same sun with colourful umbrellas, but I hope I get to soon!

This place is also where the Busan Aquarium is at. I went in the last trip and I was more fascinated by Korean kids then the sea creatures in there. My friend told me before I went that this is better than Singapore’s Underwater World, I went in with super high expectations and came out slightly disappointed because I find them pretty much similar. One thing about aquariums… it’s hard to even get the whole place to be renovated even though it is old because where the hell are they going to store so many species of sea creatures while the whole place gets renovated. So the place just looks kind of going old like how our Underwater World is… But of course, it’s still a great place, and definitely featuring so many species of sea creatures compared to a lot of other aquariums in the world.

Beside the aquarium, I was surprised to find mini hot springs! We were just happily walking along the pathway by the beach and we came across a group of ahjumahs and ahjusshis sitting on the ground dipping their feet into pools of water, & read a sign saying that says “Hot springs”. I really really wanted to try, but my friend was really reluctant, she had stockings on so no way she could do it. (I was in jeans that day because it was raining and freezing a few hours ago before we reached the beach, but I was splashed by the waves while trying to get some pictures so… sandy and wet rolled up jeans.)

& of course, with every beach, there comes food! Tonnes of seafood restaurant pretty everywhere. One of them is also the seafood house that Lotte Giants’ players frequent, didn’t managed to find it though.

Just right before you reach the beach if you are coming by the subway, you will see Haeundae Market on the left side. Pretty small on compared to a lot of other markets in Korea, but I would patronise the dumpling stall here, every time. It’s just delicious!

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As we went slightly over lunch time, a lot of shops were resting and waiting for the dinner crowd to come in, which explains the lack of people in the above picture.

The steam dumplings have either the normal or the kimchi ones. Both are so fine im salivating and craving for it as I type this. Huhuhu! – Really got to try!

Well, just another food worth trying would be the Turkish Kebab along the left street on your way to Haeundae Beach. That kebab was awesome! A little on the more expensive side, costing 5000won (I mean kebabs here in Singapore isn’t that cheap but not that expensive either), I sure enjoyed the great roasted meat, chilli sauce and veg while people watching on the beach.


Haeundae is also where you start form to get to the old Haeundae station and Dalmaji Road, which we did not have a chance to go to. Definitely on my list the next time round. Thingslikethisthatmakesmefeeltravellingaloneissososomuchbetter.

Well, I love wandering around, I love being flexible with my time. Probably that is why it’s hard for me to find a suitable travel partner.

To get there: Alight at Haeundae Station and exit from #3. Walk towards the shopping mall, cross the road and turn right. Crossing the road is optional though.


Oh, & I’ve added a new tag & catergory, Travel Tuesday, which is the day when I upload posts. Do check back my blog every Tuesday for new posts!





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