Jeju: Ecoland Theme park!

eco1 IMG_2196img04 Ecoland is a new park, not exactly themepark, opened in 2011. It’s main purpose was so bring people closer to nature, as suggested by it’s name. It has a train track that runs through Gotjawal (곶자왈) forest in Jeju.

We reached this area at about 4-ish and left at about 6-ish, for those with kids, you might want to leave a bit more time for this place. Not very sure if it is possible to finish the whole theme park by walking, but since we reached pretty late that afternoon, we simply bought the train tickets and went through the theme park with the train.

WARNING: Picture heavy post! eco2eco3eco4IMG_2216IMG_2209 There are four stations on this train course and each of this course features different things that brings you close to nature.

Train course: Main station →  Eco bridge station → Lake side station → Picnic garden station → Green tea & Rose garden station

This place is especially popular with families & couples. The entire setting is made to be like in Europe, from the trains all the way to the buildings, the decorations and even the flowers.

So we bought our tickets and got on our designated train that brings us to our first station – Eco Bridge Station. We can choose to walk across the bridge, get to the other station where the train will then pick up us again, or choose to walk back to the original station to take a train to the next station. Once you got off, you can spend as long as you want at a certain station and hop onto the next train that comes along. As the train intervals are really short, it gives us the flexibility to really enjoy the place, without fearing that we will miss the train and have to wait very long for the next one.

IMG_2228 IMG_2229 IMG_2230 IMG_2233 IMG_2234 IMG_2236 The lake that we walked past, I was explained it’s the only one in Jeju. Not very sure if it’s true, but Jaebong mentioned that it’s because Jeju being a volcanic island, has hollow grounds, so water will seep through the ground, but this place surprisingly has a lake! Mind you, this lake is not small… & look just how clear the waters were.

eco5 Next stop was Lakeside station! I’m so in love with this station. I felt like I was in some drama set (not exactly wrong, some CFs and dramas including Seunggi’s The king 2 hearts were filmed here).

IMG_2242 IMG_2243 IMG_2248 The sky that day was so so clear, all my pictures turned out really nicely. I swear all these pictures are not edited. They just came out like a piece of art.

I have a thing for windmills, be it small little pinwheels, big traditional windmills, or those power windmills, I just love them! & I get to see two of these in one place! The pinwheels were spinning so crazily because it was very windy that day, made an instavideo on that, so you might want to check that out~

This station has a really big field in front of the windmill. I’m not sure if it is possible to, but seems like a really good place to settle for a picnic, with such views, no one would deny the urge to want to sit here for the whole day. A pity we didn’t managed to come earlier, otherwise, we might just roll on the grass for a while before heading to the next station.

20140506_160046 20140506_160640 20140506_160903 20140506_161035 IMG_2268 IMG_2270 IMG_227620140506_16155920140506_161611IMG_2279 & so we head off to the next station, Picnic Station!

Not like how the place suggest, I thought it should be named as mini station. This station is just so cute! They have cute flower statues standing around, and lots of mini houses with playgrounds for kids, the entire place is like a kid’s paradise! They even have little hospital, police stations, bank, post office for the kids to work their creativity.

Being the kid I am, I do not miss out on any opportunities when it comes to playing on the playground. So I climbed up the mini houses, played the mini slides, made with mini korean friends. Too cute!

IMG_2297 IMG_2298 IMG_2300 IMG_2302 IMG_2307

Jaebong was forced to take this picture with us hahahahaha!


The Picnic Station also had a forest trail at the other side of the station, which is separated into the long, or short trail. Jaebong told us the longer one would take about 30mins, so we chose the shorter one instead. They have cute little benches along the trail, and I tried to take a nap on one.

IMG_2317 IMG_2331 IMG_2333 The trail leads back to the same station, so we caught the next incoming train and heading to our last stop – Rose and Green Tea garden station! This station actually features different flower during different season. Since it was already near summer, most of the cold weather flowers like lavender and rose have withered. But we still do see some flowers around.

20140506_17020720140506_170656 20140506_170731 IMG_2347 IMG_2356 Meet my mini friend! I met her while we were playing the slide, and she automatically walked up to me when I asked if she would like to take a picture with me. So cute!!!!!

IMG_2362 IMG_2368 IMG_2369 IMG_2378   20140506_161138 There’s a chart we found in the station while waiting for our train to arrive. It’s explaining the difference in the air between Seoul and Jeju. & I have to admit, it’s really true!

IMG_2382 IMG_2391

& every good thing comes to an end.

Hated the moment when I had to leave Jeju. and we promise we will be back for more! We’re gna keep you busy Jaebong!


For those who wishes to check this place out, please do! It’s really worth it! The train tickets costs 12000won per adult & parking lots are free! You guys can also check out their website (only in Korean) or KTO website for more details:


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