Taiwan HOT Edition: Taipei 101 & Raohe Night Market


When we talk about Taipei, the most iconic building would be the Taipei 101! I’ve been there once, but it was too late and the observatory was closed. So I could only stand outside to grab a picture of the building. This time round, we managed to head inside!

The weather was not very good, a little cloudy & hazy at that time, so the view wasn’t super good. The staff would inform before you confirm on buying your tickets so that those not willing to head up for a bad view can skip it.

But despite the bad view, we still went ahead up! The queue was about 45 mins. So when we went up, the sun already set. So much for wanting to catch the sunset. -.-


But it was alright even without the sunset, the night view of Taipei is really pretty as well! It’s nice being on the top of the clouds, like literally.

Since Taiwan is prone to typhoons and earthquakes, Taipei 101 is built to withstand all these. With the yellow big ball at level 86, it stabilises the building by swinging around when typhoon and earthquake struck. The building also showed video of how the big yellow ball reacts when a typhoon struck Taipei last year. Its pretty interesting to even think of it.

I remembered a few years ago while watching Nat Geo, they were talking about the fengshui of the building. Like this whole building is a bigggg fengshui thingy, but I couldn’t remember what it was talking about. But I’m pretty sure they did mention about something to do with fortune. (I mean, yea that’s what most fengshui brings in, no?)

To get here: Take the subway to Taipei City Hall and take bus M7 from the bus stop at the main road. (I alighted at Taipei City Hall because I was on that line. If you happen to be on the Xinyi Line, you can drop at Taipei 101 station and save the trouble of taking a bus).

Around Taipei 101 area, there’s also shopping area, but obviously for those who has the money to spend. Most of them are boutiques, even those in Taipei 101 shopping mall itself.

After finishing taking tonnes of night view and feeling really famished, we decided to head to Raohe Night market to satisfy our cravings. (PS: we took a cab there, was quite cheap, about NT$2100)


One of the night markets in Taipei you shouldn’t miss! The moment we stepped in, there’s not a minute our mouths weren’t filled with something. From fried chicken, to cheese potato, smelly tofu, papaya milk, almond milk and so much more!

The street may be small, but it’s long enough to keep up (and our mouth and pockets) busy for the whole night, we just continued walking and walking and walking. I was in jeans that day and I swear to never wear jeans to a night market on a summer night anymore. The heat was just unbearable!

But! I just love the atmosphere there. It was a place you can get almost anything, from food, to drink, to clothes, shoes and many more. Everyone, really everyone’s customer service is so good! I mean, these are places where you pay really little to get average items, (with the exception of yummy food) but yet the people here are so friendly and willing to assist and help, definitely so much better than a lot of other tourist attractions where the sale person just gives you a cold shoulder while you check with him for some stuffs. I like the hospitality here & also the random sights of the cute little poodles and many other puppies all around.

One thing about Taiwan, they are just really really pet friendly. As long as your dog can behave properly (by this I mean, no peeing and shitting anywhere and everywhere), they are allowed into places like night markets, and even shopping malls. There have been many times we have seen sales assistances with their dogs at the counter, or just quietly sitting at one corner while their owner speak to a customer. & of course, the amount of dog clothes and accessories are just wowwwww! You find all sorts of cute little clothing, shoes, hats, capes, leashes along the whole night market, and real life model dogs wearing them.

rh2rh3 rh4

There’s also this stall in Raohe with really really really nice Almond Milk (Almond tea they call it). After drinking that, I felt the rest of the night market’s almond tea were of super low standard. Too bad while I kept trying to take a picture of the signboard, the never ending stream of food hunters kept cutting my picture. /shrugs

rh5 rh6 rh7

^ One of the food we regretted not eating. We couldn’t find it elsewhere, just look at those steaming hot crabs /SLURPSSSSS! But we were just too full to down any more stuffs. T^T

Tips when visiting the night market: Unless you have a super big group of 10 or something, just get 1 portion of everything and share. If not, when you’re not even halfway through, you will be too full.

We had so much stuffs that despite getting just 1 portion from the stalls, we were already full to the brim by when we were about halfway into the night market.


Huuuu, now I’m just craving for some super smelly tofu and their really spicy chilli. 😀


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