Jeju: Manjanggul Lava Tube Cave (만장굴)


Manjanggul is one of the world’s finest lava tube cave and is also one of the 3 UNESCO Heritage sites on Jeju Island. It is part a lava tube system that consists of Bengdwigul Lava Tube, Manjanggul Lava Tube, Gimnyeonggul Lava Tube, Yongcheondoggul Lava Tube, and Dangcheomuldonggul Lava Tube.

& we went to Manjanggul which is open for tourists & visitors. The entire cave is about 7.4km long but only 1km is open for viewing. Apparently, I read that the reason why there was an opening to the cave was because the ceiling collapsed. So hurray because we can see how beautiful this cave is.

Despite being pretty dark, my camera did a really great work in taking some pictures in the cave. They also installed some lights and LEDs around so that we can walk around in the cave, and tbh, those lights add magnificence to the cave.

The temperature inside the cave stays between 11 to 21 degrees celsius throughout the year, which makes a very nice place to hide from both the heat and cold. I believe when I went, the cave was about 13 degrees, at first we were feeling really happy because we’re finally out of the heat and sun, but after about 200m of walking, we started feeling cold. Kept asking if our guide was cold but he said he was okay, & only until towards the end, he felt really cold too. My fingers were icy after the trip in. HA!

It’s really interesting and beautiful I wish my memory could be pulled into pictures. The pictures I took definitely did not do any justice to this cave. Every section has something new we can discover about the cave, be it about the lava, or how the rocks adapted to the lava as the years go by.

mjg2 mjg3 mjg4 mjg5

As you can see, the floorings are not exactly flat. To those who want to make a trip here, or rather, any parts of Jeju, be in comfortable walking shoes. Heels highly discouraged no matter how comfortable you feel walking in them. I’m not sure why I didn’t have a picture of another section of the cave, but those are tricky to tread on. It was just layers and layers of dried up lava. The cave also plenty of water puddles and is pretty damp (with occasional water droplets falling from the ceiling), so do remember to tread carefully. This itself is 1km long, but there’s only one opening to the cave, which means you will need to walk 2km to go in and come out.


Towards the near end of the cave, there’s a really big area that’s brightly lit, so being the typical Singaporean… JUMP SHOTS!

& at the endddd of the cave, there’s the famous lava column. Standing at 7.6m high, it is the largest lave column in the world. It’s formed when the lava flowed from the top into the cave (well, that is if I remember correctly how it was formed).


Not sure if you guys could see, but yeap, the lava column is behind us.

Don’t ask me why my friend’s legs are so smooth, she’s wearing stockings, a trend with the girls in Korea, Seoul especially.

Really love this cave, throughout the whole walk, I kept tellling my guide and my friend I want to stay in the cave forever.


Okay, ignore me.

Next post coming up!: Ecoland! – Forest train


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