Taiwan HOT Edition: Martyrs’ Shrine & Yeliu


Taiwan is hot edition, Singapore is hot edition too! /sweats

Another thing that you should not miss is the guard changing ceremony in Martyr’s Shrine. The shrine is built in memorial of soldiers who died during the wars that has taken place.

We were walking towards the MRT station to head to the shrine when we came by a taxi driver who was selling day trips out of Taipei. Initially, we wanted to enquire about how much it would take to do a trip to the farms the next day but ended getting another day trip out to Yeliu and so on for the day too.

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[Review] Funstay Inn Guesthouse


Here’s a review of what guesthouse I stayed in when I was in Busan. If you guys followed me for my last trip, you guys would probably know that Ms Egg Guesthouse was bad. But this guesthouse is totally different!

Getting to this guesthouse is really easy. The nearest station would be Nampo Station once you exit from exit #1, the guesthouse would be visible in minutes.

The only bad thing, really the one and only, is the lack of elevators in this building. This building is 4 storeys high, with level 1 being nothing, level 2 the lounge and reception area, 3 and 4 being the rooms, it is pretty hellish trying to lug all my bags and luggage up the stairs (& we were given a room on the last level, wooooh).

Nonetheless, other than that, I really can’t find anything that is bad about this guesthouse.

1. Location – Situation in the heart of Busan, where you get the most action on the streets of Gwangbok-ro and Jagalchi Market, Bukje Market, and the new Bupyeong Kkangtong Night Market opened, complete with a Lotte Departmental store, this place has nothing lacking in terms satisfying the glutton or shopaholic in you. Did I mention that the back door of the guesthouse leads to a whole row of restaurants hidden from the main street of Gwangbok-ro?


2. Cleanliness – I stayed here for a total of 5 nights in a 4 female bunk bed room, but the staffs would come in when we are not around, clean up the place so that we can come back to a clean room for a rest. Very thoughtful. Each room has its own ensuite toilets (which means no toilet war!) and the toilets are cleaned every day too, and supplies replenished when needed.

3. Facilities – From the lounge to the rooms, this place is superb. The rooms, despite having no TV, has its own aircon/ heater, lockers huge enough to store my 20″ luggage (& plenty extras for other stuffs, our room was for 4 persons, we have 8 lockers for our own usage). Hair dryers & towels are provided as well, & they are not stingy with the towels. The staff, Maria, mentioned that we can always let her know if we do not have enough towels to use. There are plenty of tables and chairs around in the lounge for breakfast or even just hanging out, a huge TV for every one to watch, and coffee dispenser. Those who are hungry can also buy snacks or cup noodles from the mini store at the lounge. Along the corridor, there are also water dispensers which dispenses hot and cold water (yay to saving on buying water from convenience stores). Breakfast is provided every morning, has toaster for bread, eggs, milk, juice, very simple breakfast to start the day with.

4. Friendly staffs – Despite the fact we had some disputes due to a misinterpretation during arrival, everything else was great. Always ready to help, always ready to assist. They also replenishes the guide maps and info pamphlets on the activities and attractions in Busan. There is also a big map in the lounge area indicating the various attractions and you can actually figure out how far that place is from the guesthouse.

Overall, I really had a great stay in the guesthouse. For those travelling to Busan, this can be a great choice!

Website: http://www.funstayguesthouse.com/
PS: If you don’t know Korean, you can also book this on Booking.com.

& This is not an advertisement, I paid for all expenses on my own. Pictures credits to Funstay Inn Guesthouse website.


Busan: Gwangan beach & bridge!


Continuing last week’s Haeundae beach, this week, here we have Gwangan Beach! Well, that beach which is famous for the Diamond Bridge if no one knows what I am talking about.

Couples who want a place to date while in Busan, this place sure cannot be missed! I find this whole entire place super romantic!

It is a long walk, probably about 10 mins to the beach. Once you got out of Gwangan Station, walk to the second alley before turning right into the alley, continue walking till you see another main road, cross the road, continue walking some more. Okay wait, before you guys continue walking, if you are walking right, you should see a small chicken shop in a corner at the street opposite. THEIR ROASTED CHICKEN ARE DAMN NICE I KID YOU NOT. We bought a box thinking that we probably wouldn’t be able to finish it, but we licked the whole box clean and were wishing for more. It was that delicious! The shop owner & delivery guys were all so amused that we were non locals but spoke Korean, he even got his daughter who was lazing on the bed to sit up so that we could sit in the shop while waiting. & a free service Pepsi! He wanted to give us a 1.5 litres bottle but told him the small one is enough. O_O Anyway, so we took our chicken box and continued walking, and the bridge would somehow be in your sight soon.

The whole coast was like a city that never sleeps. The cafes, pubs and restaurants here so filled with people despite the fact that it was already 10-ish. We took some pictures, rolled around on the sand before sitting on the stone pathway to have our chicken. So yes, name of chicken stall is 굽네치킨 & the item we order was 굽네 통날개.

ga7 ga8

With the sea breeze, great food, great view, what we were missing was a busker, which we eventually had because some Korean guy sitting beside was playing the guitar for her girlfriend. (so sweet right! I know!).

Since fireworks aren’t illegal in Korea, you see vendors along the beach selling fireworks at 2000won, they have sparklers too! (Oh and if you visit during the right time, you might be lucky enough to catch the Busan Fireworks Festival too. Check out my experience last year here!)

Towards the left side of the beach, from where we were sitting, I could see a viking ship and wanted to get on it that night. We were basically freezing after downing the cold Pepsi & the wind blowing in our face but I hadddd to do it. So after the chicken, we walked over to the little amusement park to find that it is already closing. They even have batting cages with Lotte Giants players posters on. For those who want to play some stuffs like bumper cars, viking ship, head there before 12am!


I guess the beach was preparing for summer, which explains all the boat & umbrellas around. Along the whole stretch of beach, there are jimjilbang and hotels crowding the place. Of which, if you want to relax and still see the Gwangan Bridge, you guys should head to Hotel Homers’s Jimjilbang to steam yourself and enjoy some great view. This place closes at 11pm, which was why I didn’t have the chance to go. Happened to chance upon a picture on instagram and asked the instagrammer where was it.

ga3 ga4 ga5 ga6

The Diamond Bridge, also known as Gwangan Bridge, has recently just went through an LED lights installation project and now every night, they have light shows everyday at certain timing with the lights changing to the song.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 6.59.02 pm

Cr: Busan Website

We were walking along the beach when we realised they off the lights! So the bridge don’t actually stay on for the entire night, just till 12am. So for those wanting to catch the lights on the bridge, remember to head there before 12 midnight!

While the bridge goes to sleep, another part of Gwangan Beach comes alive, right beside the beach, you get tables and tents of Pojangmachas sprouting out, for you to enjoy the seafood and soju.


I also believed that there is another side of this place which I have yet to explore, and maybe, just maybe, another world. I’m just wondering if those yachts are nearby. If you guys have seen it, let me know!

To get here: Gwangan Station Exit 3 or 5

[How to] Easyticket website tutorial



I promised to do another tutorial on another webpage which would help in planning the bus journeys last year & I am finally doing it after half a year has passed. So sorry but better be late than never.

So yes, I heavily depended on these websites, even during this year’s trip, I used them to help me with my planning, determine which mode of transport is faster, how to get there, plan my time in each place and more. For those travelling to less popular attractions really should consider using this website as well, since it really features a lot of routes. & so cutting the crap and going right straight into the topic.

This website is called Easyticket: https://www.hticket.co.kr/main.action
*Note: This website is only in Korean and thus basic Korean reading skills needed.

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Busan: Haeundae beach & market

hed1 hed2


It’s summer! & it’s all about the beach and suntanning! So of course, one of my favourite beach, Haeundae Beach!

Being a famous landmark of Busan, this place sure doesn’t fail. I have not been to tonnes of beaches on this earth but this place really explains why thousands flock here every single summer without fail for sun and sea! Actually even during non-summer days, you see people basking in the sun too!

This whole stretch of beach is just pretty flat, which makes doing beach activities really easy. Beach volleyball, baseball, frisbee, running and all, during summer, this whole beach just turns into a hugeeee sun bed. I have yet to see that glorious view of thousands of people, locals and foreigners, basking on the same beach under the same sun with colourful umbrellas, but I hope I get to soon!

This place is also where the Busan Aquarium is at. I went in the last trip and I was more fascinated by Korean kids then the sea creatures in there. My friend told me before I went that this is better than Singapore’s Underwater World, I went in with super high expectations and came out slightly disappointed because I find them pretty much similar. One thing about aquariums… it’s hard to even get the whole place to be renovated even though it is old because where the hell are they going to store so many species of sea creatures while the whole place gets renovated. So the place just looks kind of going old like how our Underwater World is… But of course, it’s still a great place, and definitely featuring so many species of sea creatures compared to a lot of other aquariums in the world.

Beside the aquarium, I was surprised to find mini hot springs! We were just happily walking along the pathway by the beach and we came across a group of ahjumahs and ahjusshis sitting on the ground dipping their feet into pools of water, & read a sign saying that says “Hot springs”. I really really wanted to try, but my friend was really reluctant, she had stockings on so no way she could do it. (I was in jeans that day because it was raining and freezing a few hours ago before we reached the beach, but I was splashed by the waves while trying to get some pictures so… sandy and wet rolled up jeans.)

& of course, with every beach, there comes food! Tonnes of seafood restaurant pretty everywhere. One of them is also the seafood house that Lotte Giants’ players frequent, didn’t managed to find it though.

Just right before you reach the beach if you are coming by the subway, you will see Haeundae Market on the left side. Pretty small on compared to a lot of other markets in Korea, but I would patronise the dumpling stall here, every time. It’s just delicious!

hed3 hed4


As we went slightly over lunch time, a lot of shops were resting and waiting for the dinner crowd to come in, which explains the lack of people in the above picture.

The steam dumplings have either the normal or the kimchi ones. Both are so fine im salivating and craving for it as I type this. Huhuhu! – Really got to try!

Well, just another food worth trying would be the Turkish Kebab along the left street on your way to Haeundae Beach. That kebab was awesome! A little on the more expensive side, costing 5000won (I mean kebabs here in Singapore isn’t that cheap but not that expensive either), I sure enjoyed the great roasted meat, chilli sauce and veg while people watching on the beach.


Haeundae is also where you start form to get to the old Haeundae station and Dalmaji Road, which we did not have a chance to go to. Definitely on my list the next time round. Thingslikethisthatmakesmefeeltravellingaloneissososomuchbetter.

Well, I love wandering around, I love being flexible with my time. Probably that is why it’s hard for me to find a suitable travel partner.

To get there: Alight at Haeundae Station and exit from #3. Walk towards the shopping mall, cross the road and turn right. Crossing the road is optional though.


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Jeju: Ecoland Theme park!

eco1 IMG_2196img04 Ecoland is a new park, not exactly themepark, opened in 2011. It’s main purpose was so bring people closer to nature, as suggested by it’s name. It has a train track that runs through Gotjawal (곶자왈) forest in Jeju.

We reached this area at about 4-ish and left at about 6-ish, for those with kids, you might want to leave a bit more time for this place. Not very sure if it is possible to finish the whole theme park by walking, but since we reached pretty late that afternoon, we simply bought the train tickets and went through the theme park with the train.

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Taiwan HOT Edition: Taipei 101 & Raohe Night Market


When we talk about Taipei, the most iconic building would be the Taipei 101! I’ve been there once, but it was too late and the observatory was closed. So I could only stand outside to grab a picture of the building. This time round, we managed to head inside!

The weather was not very good, a little cloudy & hazy at that time, so the view wasn’t super good. The staff would inform before you confirm on buying your tickets so that those not willing to head up for a bad view can skip it.

But despite the bad view, we still went ahead up! The queue was about 45 mins. So when we went up, the sun already set. So much for wanting to catch the sunset. -.-

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I know i’m being really random, just thought I should head for a camping trip someday.

Singapore has no nice place to camp. So maybe next time when i happen to be in Seoul again… XD



There is finally a camping site opened in Busan!! Samnak Auto Camping Site opens from July 17 2014. The campground is located at Samnak Ecological Park which is accessible, green and natural! Only until the end of August, campers can use the ground for free after the reservation via website.

*Reservation is made only in Korean(www.nakdongcamping.com).
*There will be fees to use in September and October (25,000won for auto camp ground/15,000won for ordinary camp ground). Place will be closed in winter.

Cr: Dynamic Busan Facebook

So yay to camping under the stars in Busan! Campers hurry your way there now~

Jeju: Manjanggul Lava Tube Cave (만장굴)


Manjanggul is one of the world’s finest lava tube cave and is also one of the 3 UNESCO Heritage sites on Jeju Island. It is part a lava tube system that consists of Bengdwigul Lava Tube, Manjanggul Lava Tube, Gimnyeonggul Lava Tube, Yongcheondoggul Lava Tube, and Dangcheomuldonggul Lava Tube.

& we went to Manjanggul which is open for tourists & visitors. The entire cave is about 7.4km long but only 1km is open for viewing. Apparently, I read that the reason why there was an opening to the cave was because the ceiling collapsed. So hurray because we can see how beautiful this cave is.

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