Jeju: Seobjikoji (섭지코지)


Hello world! Finally a filming location!

& yea, im not exactly a big fan of filming locations because firstly, unless they are like mountains or whatsoever, they probably look pretty much the same as all the buildings around. Secondly, it also means that the crowd there is crazy!

Indeed! Not very sure if it was because we were travelling during their holiday period, this place was pretty packed! Finding a parking lot was such a headache.

So that famous house on top of the hill was having some maintenance going on, which explains all the unsightly poles and all on the house. Not very sure if it was open at that time, but you would need to pay an entrance fee to get into the house.

I feel that the seaside view was so much more attractive. Really thankful for very beautiful weather every single time im in Jeju, with no exception for this trip as well. Nothing, really nothing, beats the blue sea, green fields and blue skies add up all together. It’s just so great to be near nature.

sjkj1 sjkj2 sjkj4


Sorry if I scared anyone. My red hair looks super bright especially under the sun. Had deliberately dyed it a few days before I flew to Korea kekekekke.




They also had a spot for tourists (like us) who wanted to do horse-riding. The horses are just really cute! But the trainers chopped away the mane and they all had mohawk hair.

My friend really wanted to do the horse riding so despite being a little expensive (tourist trap yo) but we still went ahead to do it.

This location is really near Seongsan Sunrise peak and we could even see the peak from here.


Further down up on the hill was the lighthouse, nothing special about the lighthouse but the view from up there is stunning! Just stayed there for a while to breathe some fresh air, enjoy the crazy wind blowing in our face.


sjkj3sjkj10I told you so~ Stunning!


Koreans also have this thing about stacking rocks, & this place is no exception. With lots of lava rocks laying around on the ground, they took them, stacked them and made wishes. My guide got me to do the same, pick a rock, stack it, and pray.


When you wish upon a rock…



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