Seoul: Trick Eye Museum!


Catching the new fad in Singapore – Trick Eye Museum! Of course I have to post my own Trick Eye pictures, from Korea though.

Been to the one in Jeju but I feel the on in Hongdae has so much more pictures to take, probably because the space is bigger. I’m a newsletter subscriber for KTO and they occasionally sends out discount coupons, so we got our Trick Eye Ticket at a discounted price. So for those that wants to save some money from the entrance fees, subscribe to their newsletters!

So basically Trick Eye Museum is a “museum” where you get see paintings and more paintings and at a certain angle, the picture feels real.

Singapore recently opened 2? One called alive museum at Suntec tower 3 and another called trick eye museum at RWS. Those who can’t fly to Seoul, at least we have this in Singapore. Mind you, it is quite expensive… The tickets for adult cost S$25. I don’t even remember paying that much in Korea.

So here’s a few of the pictures we took inside the museum.

tem1 tem2 tem3 tem4 tem5 tem6

Just on the same level, they also have a Ice Museum, where you find ice sculptures beautifully craved. Some are really cute! The entrance ticket for this is included in the Trick Eye Museum ticket, so yay!

And one level up is the Love Museum, my friend and I needed to catch a bus in the afternoon so we didn’t went in there. HA! Heard a lot about love museum (be it in Jeju or in Seoul) and have been wanting to catch one, but meh, no luck till now. Maybe next time~



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