Jeju: Seongsan Sunrise Peak (성산일출봉)


What do you do when your travel partner and you do not know how to drive & you’re on an island where transport are damn slow? – get a guide!

So I was introduced by my friend a guide she used when she was in Jeju and he was awesome! Indeed, I never doubted getting a local bringing us around, was probably the best thing ever. Not even group tours covers this much – really really local.

Jeju is a small island off the Southern Coast of Korea and I really really love this place since the very first time I stepped my foot on it. If anyone is looking for a quieter & not so city-fied place, head to Jeju for sure. Lots of older Korean couples used to head here for their honeymoon, actually some younger couples do too now.

Despite it being small, it’s about 3 times the size of Singapore and travelling from one place to another would take a bit of time & since we only had 1 day to spare in Jeju, we had Jaebong brought us around and we managed to cover the east side of Jeju that day.

We had him picked us up at our hotel (Just in case you guys are wondering where did we stay, we stayed in JM Hotel & I will do a review on that later) & headed off to our first stop Seongsan Ilchubong.


It’s not my first time heading to Seongsan Ilchubong, not my first time climbing up. Definitely not the first time seeing the sceneries here, but every.single.time im here, I can only stand in awe. Be it in good or bad weather, this ex-volcano definitely knows how to show off its beauty.

Seongsan Ilchubong used to be a volcano off Jeju, and then after many many many years, a road to the volcano was form, and there we have now, a very easy way to head to Seongsan Ilchubong. Like how the name suggest, its a Sunrise peak, people head to this place for the first sunrise of the year like how some do in Gangneung.

They also recently built a new path for the safety of the increasing tourists visiting this place. & because of that, we also got to see a new side of Seongsan Ilchubong. They used to have only 1 path that caters to both the up and down flow, but now with the new path, visitors can now head down the peak in a safer manner.

Since Jeju used to be a volcano, the shores are different from normal beaches. At Seongsan Ilchubong, up brings you to the peak, and down brings you all the way to the beach, where you see black sand, and if you’re lucky, catch the haeneo performing (jeju female divers; they dive for sea creatures without the aid of oxygen tank).

There are also a lot of seafood restaurants and guesthouse at the bottom of the peak, so for those wanting to wake up to the sunrise, you can consider staying here. But mind you, it’s really kinda far from the airport.

Jaebong also brought us for a local meal after we’re done with the hike up Seongsan. Locals always always always recommends the best food!

7.02_0507.02_076Cr: naver blog

So we were brought to this restaurant called 옛날옛적 near Seongsan to have some 동배고기 – which means steamed pork. We also had other things like mini seafood stew, seafood pajeon (pancake). It was heavenlyyyyy~


Im so sorry this picture is really bad. My lense was oily and I only realised it after we finished our meal… so… making do with this, and a filter that doesn’t really help.

No idea how to input the map into this post so here’s the link from naver map!:


We were also in luck to catch the rape flowers blooming when we were there. The whole yellow patch was visible even from the peak, I hadddd to head there for some pictures, so we got Jaebong to stop by, paid some money and took some pictures.

7.02_050 jeju5 jeju6
PS: We wanted to head to U-do this time round but since it was the long weekends in Korea, the queue for the car to board the ferry would take 1 hour! so we decided that we should just head somewhere else.

More Jeju posts coming up next!!


2 thoughts on “Jeju: Seongsan Sunrise Peak (성산일출봉)

  1. Thanks for sharing the extremely useful information. we will be heading to Jeju in 2 weeks and wonder if you could share the contact details of your guide. Thanks in advance.

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