Jeju: The coast to Yongduam


Jeju was our second stop for this trip. We took a plane from Gimpo airport & headed south and the journey took about an hour.

Funny story: We had some time before catching the flight at 2:55pm in the afternoon, so we planned to walk around Gyeongbokgung, and also grab our lunch before heading to the airport. After we came out from Gyeongbokgung, we walked unknowingly into Samcheong-dong and was searching for lunch when we realised we hadn’t got much time left to head back to Dongdaemun and grab our luggage before heading to the airport. Nonetheless, we still went ahead to grab lunch at a popular ramyeon store & was superrrrr late because our cab got stuck in a jam. After much struggle and anxiety, fearing that we may miss our flight to Jeju (not a good thing especially on a public holiday), we finally finally managed to made it to the airport at 2:50pm. Air Busan’s counter was closed but we still asked if we could checked in. Within 5 mins, checked-in, luggage sent to the plane, and us at the gate waiting to board. Was definitely a crazy experience. My friend was saying this would probably be the only time we are sweating. Lugging the luggage up the escalators and stairs are no joke.

Okay, so back to Jeju. We took a city bus from the airport & within 10mins, we arrived at the hotel, check-in and headed out again. The concierge guy was saying it might be a little hard to get to Yongduam, so he suggested we take a cab and we did. Before even reaching Yongduam, we got the cab driver to drop us by the coast, so that we could snap pictures and walk down to Yongduam ourselves.

jeju8 jeju9

Noticed the building behind in the 2nd picture? We actually walked all the way there just so that we could grab some stuffs at E-mart.

It’s just a simple coast of almost nothing… Just strolling by the coast as the sun slowly returns home.


Hi Dolharubang! Legend has it that if you touch his nose, you will give birth to a son.

jeju11 jeju12 jeju13 jeju14


For couples who want to just do nothing and be in the presence of one another, this is a good way to spend time. The coast and the sunset made everything, literally everything, so romantic. We felt like we were on honeymoon too hahahaha!


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