Busan: City Tour




Im so sorry my posts are just all over the place! I promise I will do a consolidated post like how I did for my solo trip for easy finding.

So I was deciding between going to Andong or doing a Busan city tour that day & I decided to forgo Andong after much thoughts because it would be super rush to head to Andong, then back to Busan to get my stuffs before heading to Gwangju in the evening.

The starting point for all courses start from Busan Station. I have no idea what I was thinking about that day and I missed my stop. So I walked from another station to Busan Station, grabbed some donut and a drink for breakfast at the station before heading to queue for the City Tour.

You can get information on what courses they have on their website: http://www.citytourbusan.com/en/00main/main.php

It’s mainly seperated into 2 main ones for the hop-on hop-off tours, Taejongdae and Haeundae. They also have themed tours and visit different parts, like eco theme, history and culture theme and so on.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 3.23.55 PM

I hopped onto the one covering Taejongdae since ive been to lots of the destinations Haeundae course goes to. It was a public holiday (i totally forgot) & was struggling to get onto the bus because there were so many people, locals and tourists, trying to do a Busan City Tour.

We can either buy the tickets online or buy it from the driver when we board the bus. But whether we get onto the bus depends on the seats left in the bus. & the ticket will grant you access to the buses anytime of the day – so long you have the ticket with you still.


I got off my first stop at Taejongdae. I originally thought it’s going to be a small place so I suppose I can make it out for lunch (since I caught the 10:30am bus). But the place was so big I only came out around 12-ish, just nice to catch the next bus to bring me to my next stop.


Taejongdae have a Danubi train that can bring you around the whole park, but the queue was pretty horrendous that day since its the public holiday. So I decided I could walk a bit to exercise off all the food I ate. The weather was slowly turning warm but nothing beats strolling along the coast and stretches of trees, breathing in fresh air.


Like all other parks, you see a lot of ajumahs and ajusshis in their hiking gears. There are also a lot families who visit this park for family outing. One thing to note is that the park isn’t exactly pram friendly. So for those with kids, a lot had to lug their prams up and down the stairs.

The most famous thing in this park would probably be the lighthouse by the coast. We had to climb all the way down, (by then my legs were so tired from climbing up the hill) & the wind was crazily blowing in our faces.

busan9 busan6


For those not planning to get here by a City Bus, you can catch bus #88 or #101 from Busan Station according to KTO to get here.

After coming out from Taejongdae, I board the bus again and headed down to Songdo beach. Busan has quite a few famous beaches, of which I’ve been to 2, Haeundae and Gwangan beach. So I was looking at visiting the others, this time round Songdo beach. It definitely isn’t bigger compared to Haeundae and Gwangan, but still has its beauty there. It’s popular for holding events like Busan Sea Festival and so on. You also get to see some cute little structures in the sea.

Compared to Haeundae & Gwangan, if you are looking for a quieter beach, this can be your choice.

busan10 busan11


It has facilities like public toilet and so on, with restaurants around the beach, this beach here don’t lose to its 2 big brothers.

To get here on our own, take bus #17, #26 or #61 from Busan Station & top right at the beach.

& of course, after Songdo beach, I went back to Jagalchi Market. Definitely my favourite place to shop in. Check out my previous visit there: https://flockwithme.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/busan-jalgalchi-gukje-market-gwangro-street-busan-tower/


For those in a rush of time, especially those who decided to head down to Busan for a day trip, the City Tour bus sure can help you catch the most of your time there.

They also have a night tour course for those in love with night views. Busan’s night views are really really pretty.

I have chances to catch night views from the highway on different occasions, be it reaching back Busan too late, or needing to leave Busan too early, unearthly timing that is. Their night views are gorgeous & just really different from Seoul’s for some reason. Maybe I’m just biased. 😀


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