Taiwan HOT Edition: Jiufen, Shifen, Pingxi (九份,十份,平溪)



My Taiwan posts aren’t in order as well, so pleaseeeee pardon me. Will do a consolidated post once I’m done with all of them.

So I went on a trip to Taiwan with my family and Jiufen, Shifen and Pingxi was just one place I really want to go because of the old streets and train tracks.

So early in the morning, we set off to Taipei Main Station and bought tickets for the trains (台铁)to head out of Ruifang, and then a day pass for the Pingxi line, which covers all the places like Shifen and PIngxi.

The trains has got timings for each stations & I happened to head to the counter for Japanese and saw the timetable, so I took a picture for future reference.

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Jeju: Seobjikoji (섭지코지)


Hello world! Finally a filming location!

& yea, im not exactly a big fan of filming locations because firstly, unless they are like mountains or whatsoever, they probably look pretty much the same as all the buildings around. Secondly, it also means that the crowd there is crazy!

Indeed! Not very sure if it was because we were travelling during their holiday period, this place was pretty packed! Finding a parking lot was such a headache.

So that famous house on top of the hill was having some maintenance going on, which explains all the unsightly poles and all on the house. Not very sure if it was open at that time, but you would need to pay an entrance fee to get into the house.

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Jeju: Seongsan Sunrise Peak (성산일출봉)


What do you do when your travel partner and you do not know how to drive & you’re on an island where transport are damn slow? – get a guide!

So I was introduced by my friend a guide she used when she was in Jeju and he was awesome! Indeed, I never doubted getting a local bringing us around, was probably the best thing ever. Not even group tours covers this much – really really local.

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Busan: City Tour




Im so sorry my posts are just all over the place! I promise I will do a consolidated post like how I did for my solo trip for easy finding.

So I was deciding between going to Andong or doing a Busan city tour that day & I decided to forgo Andong after much thoughts because it would be super rush to head to Andong, then back to Busan to get my stuffs before heading to Gwangju in the evening.

The starting point for all courses start from Busan Station. I have no idea what I was thinking about that day and I missed my stop. So I walked from another station to Busan Station, grabbed some donut and a drink for breakfast at the station before heading to queue for the City Tour.

You can get information on what courses they have on their website: http://www.citytourbusan.com/en/00main/main.php

It’s mainly seperated into 2 main ones for the hop-on hop-off tours, Taejongdae and Haeundae. They also have themed tours and visit different parts, like eco theme, history and culture theme and so on.

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Taiwan in a blink of an eye

20140601_130914Taiwan was crazily warm i swear! & it was awesome!

We had so much food & bought so much stuffs, we grew fatter with our luggage.

I’m not even done with blogging about my Korea trip and I have Taiwan’s posts coming soon.


Keep an eye on this space! while I replenish my sleep before getting some posts done.