Yeosu: Day trip to Yeosu!



So I went from Busan to Gwangju to spend a night at my friend’s house before heading out to Yeosu the next morning. My friend’s mother was very nice to fetch me from the bus terminal, make sure I get fed well for dinner and breakfast before we head off to Yeosu.

We took a bus from Gwangju bus terminal to Yeosu and the journey took about 2 hours (butt rot session). One thing great about all the bus journeys, we can always count on it to catch up on our sleep. My friend and I were lacking in our sleep so much, so we just slept throughout the journey to Yeosu.

Once arrived at the bus terminal, we met with another friend and took bus #333 from the road opposite the bus terminal to Odong-do. We were all saying the moment we reached we could smell the sea, like there was this salty feeling in the air – 바다냄새. & while we were on the bus to Odong-do, my friends got me to listen to a song by Busker Busker – 여수 밤바다 (Yeosu’s night sea). Check out this song here! It’s a very nice soothing song that was written when he was in Yeosu.





After we got down the bus, you see lots of vendors selling street food, like how it would be at any other parts of Korea as well. We walked past a truck selling Korean tidbits and got a pack of rice crackers (seen in my hands in the picture above) before we start our climb on the island.

Odong-do is an island off the coast of Yeosu and it is relatively popular even among the locals. You can either take a ferry, walk or take Dongbaek train across the breakwater to get to the island. We were just taking our own sweet time to enjoy the breeze and sun so we decided that we should just walk in. It doesn’t take long to walk in, probably about a 10-15mins to get to the starting point of the trail.

The trail, mostly made of wood, brings you to the various attractions on the island like Yonggul (The Dragon’s Cave), Sinudae Tunnel of Love, Odong Lighthouse and so on. Like all the other coast in Korea, they are windy. Damn freaking windy. It’s crazy just trying to keep your hair tame with all the wind blowing in your face and from behind you. (and sometimes makes your picture looks artistic, but no, most of the time our hair are just messy).

After a week plus without rain, that fateful day, we were expecting rain to fall on Yeosu. I was told that the rain would probably come at about 6pm in the evening. We went into Odong-do with sunny weather and came out with the weather looking threatening as hell. The climb was satisfying. Yes, the climb. We had to climb up and roll down along the trail, so if you are planning to head there, please wear comfortable shoes. You wouldn’t want to wear heels or dress shoes to visit Odong-do.

I really love how trails/ parks like this brings us closer to nature. Korea tend to allow visitors to climb onto the rocks by the coast, snap pictures and climb back up – all these without installing railings by the side (Speaking all about individual’s responsibilities).


 Awkward pose & a half eaten rice cracker on my hand

It’s actually very nice for some light hiking. I had been climbing so much the past few days, so I was like half dead after climbing halfway. HA! The thing about girls when they get together, pictures pictures and more pictures. The amount of pictures we took just that day was crazy. XD Not that i’m complaining or anything, just saying. They have very scenic views and its great for pictures.





Not enough yo, not enough. We had so many pictures it would lag your whole computer if I place everything here. So we went up the lighthouse and it was so so pretty. The weather was slowly turning bad and the skies were slightly dull. But we could see the sea and Dolsan Bridge from the lighthouse.

Odong-do also has a fountain that is worth checking out but we didn’t went there because we were trying to avoid the rain. For more information about Odong-do, you can check out this link:

After coming out from Odong-do, we went to the market for Pork Knuckles! Not the german kind but those braised kind. So so so so yummy we could eat it anytime. The market, like other markets in Korea, were selling lots of other stuffs like seafood (of course), hard wares tools, textiles, and lots of food.


Yes yes, pork knuckle~

While walking out of Odong-do, we saw the turtle ship (see my Tongyeong post) and did a read up when I was back home. Apparently, Yeosu was also used as one of the command post, which explains why theres a Lee Sun Shin statue in the city centre, and also a turtle ship on display.

The ahjusshi looking after the ship wanted to end early and we happen to be at the entrance when he was chaining it up. It was still like 15mins to closing time, so he reluctantly let us in, told us we only have 5 mins to look around, so we hurriedly took some pictures, looked around and went off.

We also went to Jinnamgwan Hall, counted as a National Treasure. It is the naval base of Jeolla-do during the Joseon Dynasty. With the cooling weather and also the big patch of grass in front of the hall, we were just snapping pictures away.








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