Tongyeong, the beautiful port city



Tongyeong is a city along the South eastern coast of Korea. Back when Lee Sun Shin (the Admiral you guys get to see standing in Gwanghwamun in Seoul) was alive, this place was where he set his command post to be at.  The city is situated by the coast and a place where the fishing industry continues to thrive.

I took a trip down to Tongyeong on a Saturday from Busan (about 1 hour 50 mins journey) and the city was more modern that I thought it would be. The bus terminal is very decent & clean, and it doesn’t look rundown at all. I wanted to visit the Turtle ship, Dongpirang and Jungang Market (and initially Hallyeosudo Viewing Ropeway as well but i woke up late T^T), so I change to a city bus #101 at the bus stop outside the bus terminal.

The journey took about 20mins and I alighted at Munhwa Madang, 1 stop after Jungang Market. The port is hidden behind all the buildings, so I tried walking around and even with the help of Daum Map, I wasn’t able to locate where I was. So I was just enjoying the getting lost moment & happily shopping along the stretch opposite to where I got off, and I saw a glimpse of the Turtle ship. Happy me! I wish the smell of the sea could lead me to the port but unfortunately, I only smelled it when I was there.



There are about 4 turtle ships parked there. Okay, some history about the turtle ship. Lee Sun Shin was the Admiral/ General of the army at that time and to counter and prepare themselves for Japanese invasion, he designed these Turtle ships. (okay i’m bad at explaining history, i’m sorry). The ships are open for public to view, with mock ups inside for visitors to feel and see what it is like inside the ships.

& nope, I did not come all the way from Busan to Tongyeong just for this. I took a walk around the little port and shoot some pictures while trying to find out where the hell Dongpirang Village was.

It was still spring at Seoul, Busan, Jeju and everywhere else. But when I came to Tongyeong, it felt like summer was here. The sun was scorching and I was sweating like crazy (and eventually decided to settle for cold noodles for my lunch to cool myself). You could see seagulls flying around, fishermen taking a rest in their boats with trot songs playing from the radio.

I felt like I was being brought me back to ten years back when life was much simpler, and harder. & felt even more so when the restaurant I was eating at was playing My Brother (2004 film played by Won Bin). The scent of fishy fishing boats, radio stations running, and the sound of waves gently splashing on the walls of the port and the seagulls cooing away.

Just left of the turtle ships stood Jungang market, where the fishermen sell their catch. You get to see all sorts of sea living creatures there, from those alive, to those dried.



&& right behind that stretch of fishes and eels and squids and many more, lays the Dongpirang Village. (Actually that way is like the “end point” of the village, but heck, as long as it gets me there).

Dongpirang Village is pretty, like really really pretty. It feels a little like a mix of Busan’s Gamcheon Culture Village & Trick Eye Museum added together. They have tonnes of wall paintings and every single one of them are just so cute!



This is one place I would strongly recommend everyone to come with a partner! No way are you going to take great pictures by yourself. No, not even with a selfie rod.

It might be a little tough to get to the top of the hill but it was worth it. The view of the port from the hill was stunning! & rightttt at the top, there’s a pavilion that you could rest in. I was rushing through the whole village because I was rushing to my next destination. It’s a pity I couldn’t even find the famous wings painting to get a picture. D:

Nonetheless, here’s some pictures for you guys! KTO did a very good summary of the highlights of Tongyeong. Be sure to check them out here!










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