Baseball games in Korea!


 Lotte Giants game at Busan Sajik baseball stadium

I love love love my experiences in the stadiums, be it in Lotte’s game, or other team’s. Baseball is big in Korea, and one of the entertainment that Koreans go for. In the stadium, you can see people coming from school, work, coming to the stadiums for class excursions, family excursions even.

Before heading in, you will see lots of stalls outside the stadium selling snacks like fried chicken, sausages and many more, & also people bringing in bags and cartons of pizza, beers. It like a happy eating, drinking, singing, shouting session.

For this trip I went for 3 games, and bought all my tickets at the ticketing counter at the stadium. I was glad it wasn’t a sold out game. The online ticket hosts are a little foreigner unfriendly, so you need to have the Korean Security Number to purchase the tickets online. I didn’t managed to get good seats cos for out of 3 games I went, 2 was packed, so I was just sitting at some seats far away, till the extend one of the game I was at the 2nd last row of the stadium HA!

Tickets starts from 7000won generally for an outfield seat, but I often choose to go for the infield seats, which cost more. The stadium has allocations in colours to differentiate the various areas, while in doubt, see and point. They usually have a map of the stadium at the counter for such reason. The nearer you are to the home plate, the more expensive the seats will be.

Outfield seats are not allocated so be sure to reach early if you want to grab your desired seating area. As for infields, they allocate the seats for you, you just have to find the correct area and seat number and settle down. Also, do make sure you are sitting at the correct side of the stadium to cheer for your team! It’s not very fun if you end up sitting with a bunch of fans from opponent’s team. You can also check with the counter staffs which side is the correct one.

I happened to be going for a game on Lotte Giant’s Champions day so all tickets were half price! So it was 2 tickets for the price of 1!

Since it was Champions Day, lots of fans came and the queue for the tickets when we reached the queue was crazy!


With this crowd, we queue for about 20mins for our turn. Most of the people in front were getting like a bunch of tickets. & it was a back-to-work and back-to-school day after the long holidays in Korea. Okay, so… I wanted to sit near the home/ 1st base, but because there were too many people that day, we could only get seats along the right field. Hu. But it was a great game still!


 New Cass endorsement hahah!

The cheerleaders were not cheering because they stopped the cheering activities for a while to mourn for the Sewol Ferry incident. But fans being fans, we have a super enthusiastic bunch sitting at the back and they were leading everyone in the cheers. Love how everyone just laughs and cheer together, and go crazy when a player did a hit.

Between innings, the cameraman go around shooting couples to get them to do a kiss on screen, or get someone to do a dance. Every moment is interesting.

I must say that sitting in front of the phone/ tv/ computer would make you follow the game more, and at the stadium, it is really the atmosphere that makes you want to be there. It’s amazing and we don’t really see such an atmosphere in Singapore.


Had a chance to head for an away game in Masan and was seated like righttttt at the back and everyone was pretty much NC Dinos’ fans going about with NC Dinos’ cheers despite the fact that it’s the Lotte Giant’s side. .___.

The normal baseball season runs from late March to late October or early November.

To check out the schedules for the games, you can check out: They have a Korean website too, but I find the english website with sufficient information and stats for those following.

And yes, my favorite team is of course Lotte Giants. Might not be the best team around, but that doesn’t stop me from liking them.

Here’s an overview of where the various teams are playing in:

SeoulDoosan Bears, LG Twins, Nexen Heroes
IncheonSK Wyverns
DaejeonHanhwa Eagles
DaeguSamsung Lions
GwangjuKIA Tigers
BusanLotte Giants
Changwon – NC Dinos

Currently there are 9 teams playing in the major league, with 1 more, KT Wiz (in Suwon) joining them in 2015.

They say, when in Rome, do as the Romans. When in Korea, do as the Koreans. Other than shopping, eating, and palace hopping, attending a baseball game is definitely a great item in your itinerary!


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